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Frederik Gladhorn Stuttgart, Germany

Parley Vocabulary Files by fprumbau 2 comments

Thanks for the file!
I saw that you uploaded your file a few times. Maybe you could remove the old versions? I guess you used the upload function from within Parley? It will enable you to update files in KDE 4.5 :)
Frederik - Apr 04 2010
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Amarok 2.x Scripts by nhnFreespirit 16 comments

works nicely here! - Nov 03 2008

Education Apps by fregl 6 comments

In a way Parley already has a Leitner/spacial learning system. It grades vocabulary depending on your answer and will only repeat previously known vocabulary in increasingly long intervals.
A card box visualization would be nice, but currently the 4.1 version needs to become stable as it has been reworked in a few ways. - Mar 12 2008
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Plasma Themes
by kaboon

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May 27 2010

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Jan 20 2010
Free Music Charts

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by krohlas

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Jan 03 2010
Looking Out

Wallpaper Other
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Nov 26 2009
Way of Nature

Wallpaper Other
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Almanca-Turkce Kelimeler 00

Parley Vocabulary Files
by martinamca

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