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Klaas Freitag , Germany
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May 04 2004
Well, now we come to the point :-)

Looking at the screenshots on this page, you see that screen cluttering is not intended, it is not a new 'feature' ;-) You suffer from a problem that I heard about, but I am not able to reproduce it yet, that means, I simply do not have found the bug yet. You could reply now: Well, the undockable windows can always lead to a cluttered GUI, yes, but some people like to undock e.g. the ocr result window to have it as a kind of dialog. Another prob is that different scanner offer different scan options which leads to different sizes for the scan options window. That can not (only) be handled by layout management.
Bottomline: The clutttered GUI you dislike is a bug that I can fix as soon as I have detailled information how that happens. It is not intended.

The point with the presets: Definetely a good feature request, which will be implemented in future releases. I have already started on that, but postponed it in favour of OCR. - May 06 2004

Well, nice that vuescan now serves you well - but you should consider to post that on the vuescan page, shouldn't you?

On the other hand you might want to post bug reports on if Kooka is buggy for you. I am able to scan previews and Kooka starts in the same manner that I left it so you probably suffer from a problem that is not easily a Kooka prob. - May 05 2004