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Frey Wazza
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Yosa Max

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Oct 14 2019
Thank you for your feedback. I'll consider to include some alternative design for the icons. - Jun 12 2019
Thank you. Glad to know that you like it :) - May 19 2019
Glad to know that you got it working now :) - Apr 17 2019
You can try to clone the github repository or download the zip from there. It's github that zip the files for you, so it should work just fine. That's all I can suggest you for now. - Apr 17 2019
Thank you for reporting this. I'll take a look into it and try to figure out what's wrong. So can you use it normally now? - Apr 16 2019
I'll take note of that, thanks . - Mar 27 2019
About the background, sure I'll upload it soon. And what do you mean by the disk? - Mar 07 2019
As far as I know icons on the menu bar have specific default sizes according to the bar's height/size, if you want to make the icons look bigger, you can do it by adjusting the height of the bar. - Sep 10 2018
*top bar - Sep 10 2018
Sorry which top do you mean? - Sep 10 2018
Thanks :) - Aug 08 2018
Fixed. You'll see it with the new icons in the next update :) - Aug 02 2018
Nice to know that you like it :) - Aug 01 2018
I'll consider to work on it, but I myself not a big fan of any dark theme, so yeah, maybe later. Thanks for your suggestions. - Aug 01 2018
I'll check it later - Jul 31 2018
Thanks, glad that you like it - Jul 31 2018
Hi there, as you can see in the description, I decided to rename it to Yosa Max as I'm trying to make it more original by improving and adding more new icons. Also now that I think about it I kinda want to avoid the word "Mix" because it could lead people to think as if this icon theme only a mix from other creators works - Jul 12 2018
Hi there, thank you for your feedback, and I'm glad that you like this icon theme :) - Jan 31 2018
Thanks for your kind words, it really encourages me to improve this icon theme further :) - Jan 19 2018
Thanks mate, I'm glad that you like it :) and happy new year to you too :) - Jan 01 2018

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Jun 28 2020
+Currently using this icon theme, and I love it :) - Mar 08 2019

Full Icon Themes
by vinceliuice

Score 91.4%
9   Mar 08 2019
+Currently using this icon theme, and I love it :)