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Text Editors by antis81 3 comments

I hope, that you will read my message soon. :-) - Feb 08 2011

Utilities by marcomaniac 232 comments

When I rip CD I use Audex. K3B was used by me just sometimes, probably when Audex wasn´t installed. I consider K3B as burning application and I am burning with it. - Jan 06 2011

Science by auberdavid 2 comments


is there already localization support added? - Jun 30 2010

Audio Apps by smatthias 6 comments

I see it as certain occasion to fluently nyturaly examine the spectrum of large amounts of sounds that can be found in various music collections of users. Then everybody could find the type of music and the look of its spectrum, that provides harmony or on contrary headache:-) why? - see the spectrum - the real reason is in these patterns, and always was. :-)

From this point of view this activity - when choosing the option in player or sound editor: playing songs and trying to understand - deserves not only 70 % of PC's processors power, but almost all necessary energy - and that's why I bought it. :-) (I am not programmer and hope, that the authors of sound editors will be interested in your approach to manage sound data during processing in editor.) - Apr 26 2010

Audio Apps by smatthias 6 comments

Maybe it could be interesting to have some frequency analyzer - or analyzer of this type in Amarok. - Apr 25 2010

Audioplayers by amarok 574 comments


Even if Amarok 1/2 made probably in the past, I don'k know which one version, some ugly thing with tags 'album'and 'author'of some Johann Sebastian Bach works in ogg, my favourite, Amarok is still my preferred music player.

I admit it caused some psychic lability to me too, but if I'd like to complain, that situation could be my egos much bigger pleasure, than it was. :-) - Jul 04 2009

Audioplayers by amarok 574 comments

for my purpose is it the solution I prefer before other project. Some of players I tried even with all their problems without bigger lamentation probably don't exist anymore. :-) Other solutions either must still constantly grow to retreive some usable functions or are looking little slow.

I am interested in one thing: The export of entries in playlist to the editable list of these names of songs. Is there something for it. Or is there any way how to export such a list i a filemanager.

I am looking forward to Amarok 2.2. I am curious on the change in displaying of tabs (Collection, Internet, Playlists, Files) from vertical disposition to horizontal. Really I always had to rotate with my head to see these items before. :-)

The applet with 1) equalizer, or better 2) that vizualizer of spectrum of played music - osciloscope is that word? - this is the thing I would like to see placed in the the context window.

In settings - of course more setting: e. g. Replay Gain: in Audacious are some options to set it correctly.

Thank's for your work. - Jul 04 2009

Utilities by marcomaniac 232 comments

I was surprised when using Audex for the first time. I understood that my experiences with for example Sound juicer or KAudio Creator were a little different. But then it's on me to examine possibilities of Settings.
I would like to describe my feelings:
I fullfilled "artist" and "title-name of album" and "year". I was used to have in result the folders named exactly so, with structure of course "author, then name of album in subfolder, and then audio files (usually unnamed, I wasn't using the freedb or so and gave the informations later - manualy or with help of internet" In Audex I saw that the name of subfolder with *.ogg was fullfilled with all these together, even the year. I have to look for the way how to set it in Settings.
The way these programmes are working may differ (ripping then encoding, or ripping and encoding simultaneously - in case of Audex). I wasn't thinking about it before.
In Sound juicer, that I was using before the change to any *.oga format (Amarok wasn't able to show the length of duration of the audio files in this format, so I was surprised and little discussed with this unstoppable progres) led me to look for the other solution.
I suppose that the interface could and should change, develop, improve in future. It's the thing of opinions, suggestions and possibilities. I can't to stop comparing it with simplicity of Sound juicer yet - there are instantly two places to write the "author" and "name of album" and "year". Perhaps by the time. But Sound juicer was "very simply" in possibilities of setting of quality of encoding too. But the values were quite good for me. I supposed that it's quite good that I needn't to set them manualy exactly, to thing which value is better, when I only demand good quality, better than 64, 80, 128 kbps (when the hard drive - hard disk - is huge enough for me to use pretty good quality of sound - 168 kbps in this case). It's good for me, that I can set the folder, where I want to save the encoded files. But there is no option? to set even bigger data stream (kbps) in case of extra excellent music. Yes, I know, that these formats are used to diminuish the amount of MB on hard drives used for the music.
I noted that Audex doesn't remember the quality I used the last time. The work with tags, for example "autofill the artists" or even manualy is secret for me now.
The details of ripping and encoding display some weird characters - used in czech language: displayed incorrectly. - Jan 17 2009
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