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GTK3 Themes

GTK3 Themes 22 comments

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Oct 02 2014
The window borders are from sawfish-1.10 window manager.

I have add nemo support to the gtk+-3.10
- Mar 16 2014
I have test the theme in debian testing and i have no errors here. By my mint LMDE i canĀ“t test it becaus i don't have install gnome by my mint. But in toolbar.css by the GTK-3.10 themes i add:

.window-frame {
background-color: @bg_color;

and it should work. Can you show me a sreenshot? - Mar 15 2014
Fixed. - Oct 16 2012
In nautilus, it is fixed in the gtk-3.4 themes.
In evolution this is that what i want. If you don't like it you can edit this in gnome-applications-dark.css:
EShellWindow *:active {
color: shade (@base_color-b, 1.00);
background-color: shade (@bg_color-b, 2.00);
- Oct 13 2012

Bugreports for gtk-3.6 themes always welcome.
- Oct 13 2012

I don't know, but i have test it in Smoothly Black and change the color "bg_color-b" in gtk.css in a
dark blue color and dark blue is/was a very ugly background color for me for a theme background.

Regards - May 01 2012
Thanks for reply.
I work on an black theme and "backdrop" for this one. I not plan to build a blue or dark blue theme.

Fuchur - Apr 26 2012
By the gtk-2.0 theme looks the background epual the
gtk-3.0. The "style" from the items (buttons tabs ...)
is differentially because the smooth engine can't draw
round cornes from items. I like grandient look for
menubar toolbar etc. and this only work with the smooth engine.

I use the gtk-2.0 look and style since many years (gnome
and i don't plan to change the look from gtk-2.0, sorry.
With the unico engine and gtk-3.XX it is possible to
build a theme with a "modern touch".

If necessary (unico or update) i will only
update the gtk-3.0 theme. Again sorry :(. - Nov 08 2011
Ok. Debian have the gtk2 engine smooth im pool:

Download and run:
yum install automake17.noarch
./configure --prefix=/to/the/install/path
make install

Or use rpmbuild with my quick and dirty spec file: - Nov 05 2011
Thank you.
If i found some time i will add a dark background
with the some style. - Nov 04 2011
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Plasma 4 Extensions 63 comments

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Nov 27 2009
This applet freeze my kde-4.10.5 plasma desktop. I run it on my gentoo box. If i load the applet it "eat" my memory and then plasma-desktop crash and akonadiserver has ~50% cpu load. I can't then also not restart the plasma-desktop. - Sep 02 2013

GTK3 Themes
by tsujan

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9   Nov 19 2011