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Fudoki Wilkinson
Krusader Icon

Various Artwork by frodrigo 3 comments

I really like these! The "Big K" idea has been my favorite, and the "diskette shield" is really cool!

This is the best I have seen yet!

PR Manager
Krusader Krew - Jul 26 2005
random owls

Icon Sub-Sets by yawfle 5 comments


Have never seen anyone else use real images for icons - and why not????

Will be using these.... Thx! - Jul 02 2005
Krusader icon

Various Artwork by Doches 8 comments

Like the shield and style, but it does violate the rules....

Try this: Put something on the shield that represents the "Twin Panels", and instead of a lone, cursive "K", make it "K!" - in three contrasting, but secondary, colors - for example dark green, tan (or gold), with black and white highlights.... for the "Root Mode" and dark blue, tan, and b&w highlights for "User Mode".

Just one idea.... - Jul 02 2005