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Keven Lehmann

Wallpaper Other by moty66 2 comments

awesome, .. realy nice ....

its my new desktop, but could you add a black, silver, red, blue, yeloow version?? i think this would be realy great, because most like those colors ;)

but realy well done - Feb 04 2004
:KDE: UsEr

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by Maui15 2 comments

ohh, this is realy nice i like this wallpaper very much, keep up the good work!!!

solong - Feb 01 2004
Just my mixed up desktop...

KDE Plasma Screenshots by munki 1 comment

yeah, looks nice and clean like this sort of desktops.

and the icons are nice, tolo i guess they are reinhardt icons?!

cya - Feb 01 2004
Macalister River

Wallpaper Other by davchar 2 comments

you can resize it, ....


but nice photo - Jan 30 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by adamberns 7 comments

very nice, just the thing i was looking for - Jan 30 2004
My Linux Desktop :)

KDE Plasma Screenshots by furious-x 3 comments

lo, ...

its called xmms.theme ;)

i could send it to you if you give me your emailaddy, ... ;) - Jan 30 2004
Dreams about You

Wallpaper Other by flow 2 comments

this wallpaper is realy nice ...!!

i like it ;) - Jan 27 2004