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Fred Warren

Screen Recorders by justi 120 comments

On both the mouse clicks and keyboard when enabled the program wants a device specified. If I click on "search" I always get "no device found.".

Do I need to have a device specified to get the mouse click feature to work? What should the device entry look like? What would I need to do, compile, configure or add to my system to get the "search" feature to work?

Thanks - Dec 11 2011
Fluxbox LCARS for LM9

Fluxbox Themes by mutanabbi 2 comments

What is the dock running down the left hand side? - May 06 2011

Screen Recorders by justi 120 comments

On Fedora you will get build errors related to DSO Linking. To resolve these errors, run the script one time, then edit build/CMakeCache.txt and run again.

Modify the line:

To read:
CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS:STRING=-lX11 -lXext -lXfixes -lrecorditnow_plugin - Sep 09 2010
Wireless Assistant

Network by pnawrocki 287 comments

A problem I have had with all wireless apps except for "WiFi Mananger" has been you can not use a "restricted key"

For Encryption types, could you have, "Shared Key" "Open" and "Restricted Key" - Oct 03 2005