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fredy Fredy Yanardi
More convenient Back/Forward/Up buttons for KDE/Ko

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by cschembari 2 comments

IIRC this has already been implemented in Konqueror 4.0.0, and I think this won't get into KDE 3.5.x - Jan 20 2008
QNetWalk - Qt 4

Board by fyanardi 6 comments

Thanks ;) I saw this great game and I think it would be nice if I can have a Qt 4 version and also a free Windows version. - Jun 03 2006
QNetWalk - Qt 4

Board by fyanardi 6 comments

Hi! I put Win32 binary on
However you still need MinGW and Qt libraries (if you don't have it) in order to execute it. I've put the required library above. Sorry I can't provide the dlls along with the binary since the webhosting is free one so very limited. For Windows version the highscores function does not work, I'll try to investigate it. - Jun 03 2006
Konquer Your Desktop

Wallpaper Other by fyanardi 3 comments

Thank you :) - Jun 07 2005