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Rossana Motta San Diego CA, United States of America
A Berber house fro mthe outside

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Feb 16 2010
woooaah thats unique - Mar 31 2010
house deep in the mountain

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Feb 16 2010
WOW that house is unique and amazing.
And another pro, along with it being cool in the summer and warm in the winter, is that explosions are not heard from outside, so no bitchy neighbors are gonna call the firemen when you cook..
Aaaand there ain't no roof that falls down on your head when the microwave explodes :D :D :D :p
I WANNA LIVE THERE!!! hahaha - Mar 31 2010
Edit With Kwrite Service Menu

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by G0NZO
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Aug 29 2008
No, you DONT want ALL files to be opened by default in kwrite. What's the point of that?
Example: i want html pages opened with a browser normally BUT when i am editing a html page i want a quick way to open it in kwrite.
This is the reason why i wrote this little service menu - Aug 29 2008
Reflective Icons for KXDOCKER

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Sep 01 2007
then i'd suggest
i use it from time to time, its good, fast and way less spammish than the one on which you uploaded (no popups etc) - Nov 15 2007
excuse my question but why dont you upload your stuff directly one kde-look instead of using that spammish of a site?
No way no how to download from there, it keeps just throwing out spam popups and no download whatsoever starts even clicking download - Oct 13 2007
Convert .ps to .pdf service menu

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by G0NZO
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Oct 17 2007
there are TONS of application out there that accomplish the same task. Kpdftools for instance is a great one, great user interface and provides many more functionalities than the one linked there at "linuxjunk".
And one could also just use the ps2pdf command from console, aint that hard.

Simply, i wanted a service menu, and could not find any, maybe there are, but it was faster to write it from scratch.
I wrote this script *for myself* and then uploaded here in case someone might find it handy, but, obviously, i did know its nothing new at all. So "take it as it is". Its just simple, fast, and does what I wanted it to do. - Oct 17 2007
DON'T Let It Burn! (1-click Timer)

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by G0NZO
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Jun 23 2007
LOL!! way to go! Not so bad after all...
/me then immediately calls the firemen

hahahah :P - Jul 13 2007
eh for me the trigger was the frustration of being constantly with no dinner haha.. Just a few days ago i forgot two eggs boiling for over 40 minutes... to say nothing about the amount of burnt pans...
computer addiction is dangerous :P - Jun 25 2007
hahahaha LOL, i didn't think about that double meaning but yeah your totally right, and actually associating a service menu with cooking and burning food is not that obvious :D

I got the title from Usher's song "Let it burn"... which actually refers to yet another context and meaning - Jun 24 2007
thanks for the info, had never heard of that application. I checked it out now googling its name.
It's actually completely different from my servicemenu script.
Personally i dont even think its worth installing a featured appl only for a few minutes reminder. As i said i'm aware of many better alarm clocks out there, but i wanted a 1-click thingy. This, for my own convenience: i uploaded it here but wrote it for myself (writing that script took something like 50 seconds).
So if someone is looking for more featured things, this service menu is simply not for him/her - Jun 23 2007

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Feb 26 2008
Great job Giovanni, thank you! :-) - Jun 11 2007
Email Files Thunderbird - Add Details

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by G0NZO
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May 12 2007
Thanks fungs for the tip.
Actually xdg-email appears to be broken in the --attach option, at least on SuSE. I have the latest version installed on my system, which is OpenSuse 10.2, but there's no way to successfully attach any file, even when its filename contains no spaces or special chars. I tried with absolute paths, relative paths, single/double quotes, prefix file://. Nothing works. No error messages if the file exists (while i do get errors if the path is pointing to a non existing file).
All the other fields are correctly inserted into the default email client but i have no way to test the attachments...
I read about identical problems on the buglists of xdg-email so i guess its a well known bug. - May 20 2007
There is a bug in the command line itself for thunderbird, that shows up whenever the filename of one of the attachments has a '-'. The problem persists even escaping the -. Debugging from the command line outputs the message "Warning: unrecognized command line flag - ".

Now, since this is a problem of 'thunderbird' command itself, it's kinda hard to trace and solve it. My service menu is simply invoking 'thunderbird' command and the issue is not unrelated to the service menu itself.

I'll look further into that and will post an update if i can solve. - May 19 2007

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Feb 06 2007
Neat, thanks much tecuya :D - Feb 06 2007
list files

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Feb 07 2007
I'd suggest to modify the script so that the file that contains the list is stored not in the same dir from which you invoke the script but for instance in user's home. In fact, this way you get errors if you wanna run it from a dir on which you dont have write permissions.
Just replace
echo -e $finalList > "$thisDir.list.txt"
echo -e $finalList > "$HOME/$thisDir.list.txt"
- Jan 28 2007

System Sounds 14 comments

by nfsp
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Feb 20 2007
many thanks, really nice sounds, calm and "non-intrusive" :) - Jan 08 2007