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Utilities by dovidhalevi 49 comments

Hi again!

I'm using opensuse-kde 4.8.1...and I can see that the last version released here is 0.6 while the version I installed is 0.3-4.7 (from repositories)

I can see in the changelog that you introduced accented charaters support since 0.4 (correct?)

I tried to install 0.6 from the source, and apparently everything ok (at the beginning I got compilation problems, but I found the answer here hehe!), but I search for it in krunner and the recollrunner addon didnt' appear!

I can see that you're working hard on it, so I'll be waiting for the fixes for kde 4.8 ;-)

Great job!! - Apr 03 2012

Utilities by dovidhalevi 49 comments


First of all, I want to tell you that you've build a great piece of software!!, It's really great having the ability of searching files just with alt+f2 combination key.

But I found a little problem (at least for me and people whose native language is spanish). You should know that in spanish (and may be in other languages like french, italian, greek) we use a lot of accented words, for example: programación (programming), oración (sentence), matemáticas (mathematics), física (physics), computación (computing) etc...

The problem is that recollrunner can't find patterns with accented characters. For example, I have a Folder called "Física y Matemáticas", and even when its content are files written in english, recollrunner is unable the show me the results for those files :-(

I hope this could fixed (or added) in a later release of recollrunner. If you need some help about spanish grammar, common words etc, don't doubt I will help you ;-) (as many others, I love this software).

Thanks in advance! Adding this feature will open your software to many people whose primary language is spanish (and maybe other languages).


Gabriel - Apr 03 2012
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the link is broken - Jul 08 2011

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Very good my friend, one of the best theme that I've seen in my whole life!!!! - Feb 26 2011

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Beryl/Emerald Themes
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