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Gabriel Gabriel Falcí£o Goní§alves de Moura Belo Horizonte, Brazil
GTK2 Themes
Kbfx Startmenu
Splashy Themes

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Jan 05 2008
I wasn't capable to download the gtk theme, the link points to the emerald theme only
- Dec 29 2007
LiNsta 3 (Linux is Not Vista)

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Aug 23 2006
I've tested the current version theme in firefox and openoffice

i've found the following troubles:

OPENOFFICE AND FIREFOX uses de same menu background black, but don't use the designed font for this, they use the fontcolor of the menus, so whis dont will work

Im trying to resolve this and will release a new version as fast i can do it!

For now, in firefox you can use any theme to firefox, then the theme will stay over the LiNsta Gnome theme.

you can download themes for you firefox here: - Aug 30 2006
now is OK! - Aug 23 2006