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Subtitler lite mod v1.3

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Aug 28 2018
Hi, It is working wonders *_*
(I couldn't do it alone, I absolutely not thought about this. You know VLC script very well 0_o )
Thanks a lot for your work, I was thiking to this for long time but I couldn't find it on the net. You should release it, you'll probably have a lot of success :) [it's indeed so helpful to learn a foreign language and very adapted]
Congratulation for your amazing work and thanks a lot again. you make me so happy and I'll think to you each time I'll use VLC.
I wish you a lot of success :)
- Jan 17 2020
thanks for your answer* - Jan 15 2020
But I think I don't understand well the program, beaucause when I replace the condition line 103 ("if subtitle==nil then") by "if true then" i thought it should always display the subtitle but no. so if I add here vlc.playlist.status()=="paused" it doesn't work.
What do suggest me ? Th - Jan 15 2020
thanks I forgot to do that but it is not enough to do it :(
Thanks to help me :) I keep working on this :) - Jan 15 2020
When I tried I change the wrong condition (line 69 instead of 103) but it's still not working :(
I tried with an "or" instead of "and" but it's not better.
I ask myself if the problem is not linked with the dialogue box - Jan 15 2020
Hi,first I'm glad you aswer me, I'm veryhappy, thanks a lot to take time to answer me.
Yes that's it. I would like to do this to improve my English. So I would to always display the first subtitle [easy I have nothing to do :)] but when i don't understant i would like to display a second subtitle as you do with this plugin when i stop the movie. Then i do play and then the second subtitle disappear . I think it should be not so hard you've already done the script but I failed to understand the all script well.
It could help a lot of people who are learning foreign language :)
thanks again - Jan 13 2020
thanks a lot for this programm *_*
i would like to change the condition to display the subtitle when the player is in "pause" but it doesn't work yet :'(
maybe it is not possible but if it is can somebody help me ?
thanks for your answer :) - Dec 28 2019
10 the best - Dec 28 2019
Subtitler lite mod v1.3

VLC Extensions
by mederi

Score 63.8%
Dec 28 2019
Subtitler lite mod v1.3

VLC Extensions
by mederi

Score 63.8%
10   Dec 28 2019
10 the best