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Benoit Minisini
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Sep 11 2009
I have made an opaque version of some svg files, so that Perfection displays nicely without desktop composition enabled.

Here are the three files I created:


Where can I send you these files? - Jul 16 2009
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May 26 2011
...And as for the setup solution you are talking about, I don't see unless you want a Windows-like installation program?

At the moment you only get a Linux-like installation program, i.e. binary packages. And I don't think it will change. But it works only if distributions make Gambas packages the right way! - Nov 18 2007
Apparently there is a problem with OpenSuse packages yet... I can't fix that myself, you should ask OpenSuse instead.

But if you read the website, you will see that you can get correct OpenSuse packages made by Guillermo Ballester Valor from its repository at - Nov 18 2007

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Jul 16 2007
Be careful! The 1.0 RCx packages are named 0.99.RCx, so that their version number is lower than 1.0. - Nov 21 2004
You can already develop components in C/C++, but like with drivers in the linux kernel, their source must be included in the main source package.

And like linux drivers, they are dynamically loaded at runtime, in spite of the bugs in the dynamic loader :-)

Writing components directly in Gambas is planned for version after 1.0

Thanks for your remarks. - Aug 28 2004
Could you explain exactly what is a shame ? :-) - Jan 18 2004

Plasma Themes
by mageden

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Jul 16 2009