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garaged GaRaGeD
Krzyzak Desktop v.02

KDE Plasma Screenshots by coldfirepl 2 comments

Where are they ??

My panel is full width because of them, I cannot live without them, lots of windows, and 6-8 desktops are needed to live "organized" with multitasking. - Oct 14 2005
Three Black Spheres

Wallpaper Other by x-a-n-a-x 5 comments

blender ?? I'm not designer, but it's always interesting to know :-) - Sep 22 2005
crystal xcursors

Cursors by mart 125 comments

mouse cursos themes are not specific for KDE, so they work on any desktop enviroment, KDE config only changes the file that loads the theme on X

please google for it if you cant use KDE to config, I'm pretty sure gnome has a utility for that too - Sep 15 2005
Desktop Gmail

Karamba & Superkaramba by abattoir 55 comments

on click, it still switches the mode.

I like it btw !

Thanks for this fine plugin :-) - Jul 25 2005