Wallpapers Gnome by ptexan 6 comments

It's bigger than that size... it'll resize itself to fit your screen. If you are worried about memory usage of a bigger background (not really a big deal... at all), then open up The Gimp, and open that file, and do Image -> Size. It's not that hard man. - Apr 22 2006

Cliparts by TihSon 3 comments

-"Cool" factor - made me chuckle
-good level of Linux love shown
-Nice Image

-White Space used in a non-creative manner: low rating for not a great reason
-Practical Application: None

But I voted up. Despite the fact that I wouldn't use this (it's no good for business, because it uses the fuck, It's not a background, etc.), I do like the message and the reasoning behind it. Good work. Cheers to you. - Apr 22 2006
Ubuntulooks Quicksilver

GTK2 Themes by madman2k 6 comments

In your preview, there is one tab that looks really whack. - Apr 17 2006

System Sounds by Lucy8i8 36 comments

Gnome does need .wav, not .ogg. I have a sound converter, it's called... SoundConverter and is available in the Ubuntu repos... I don't know what you're using, but it's probably there too.

I've e-mailed you the files, converted. Great theme. I like the startup one best.

Gotta love that open sourse spirit, eh? - Apr 14 2006

GDM Themes by nagilum 21 comments

I really don't like the grass. It's kind of... dead... and squished looking and a bit yellow. I like the colours in the background, and I like the GDM Theme, but I think you could use a different, but similar image. - Apr 08 2006

Wallpaper Other by Divilinux 3 comments

Yeah, that's pretty cool.

However: 1) I'm assuming that you're not making a stab at that "Linux is dead"

2) If you want other people to adopt this, you should submit the tux image as clip art to either or here. - Apr 05 2006

GDM Themes by tobain 114 comments

I really like this. I also like how you've managed to have all the GDM pieces in there, and in good format. I've not seen a really good gdm face browser for a long time. - Apr 04 2006

Wallpaper Other by Ls3d 2 comments

Sweet, a bigger one. Thanks! - Apr 04 2006

Wallpaper Other by Ls3d 6 comments

Very nice. Wish you were using OSS (like Blender, maybe?).

Also, I would like a larger version. Like something in a 1280x... - Apr 01 2006

Wallpaper Other by flomar 5 comments



Dapper Duck? Catchy name, but what's up with the ducks? - Mar 29 2006
Menu Mockups

Various Gnome Stuff by edir 4 comments

That is a F(ING great idea. Maybe not the circle thing, but that other one really appeals to me. I suggest that you post a thumbnail, though. Most people don't have the insentive to look at something without a preview.

Sweet idea. Hope to see it in gnome. In fact, it's such a great idea, that I can forgive the fact that KDE is plastered all over the idea, despite it being set up as Gnome. - Mar 27 2006
Bracket View for Nautilus Browser

Various Gnome Stuff by ueluei 10 comments

Yeah. I agree. That would be a sweet website. Also a very useful addition to

Something like That would be cool. Or maybe as an extension to the feature request bit on bugzilla. - Mar 26 2006
Bracket View for Nautilus Browser

Various Gnome Stuff by ueluei 10 comments


I'd like to tell you that your idea was so good that someone on planet gnome has implyed that he wants to implement it or have someone else do that.

Great to see the Open Sourse world working as it should: community ideas -> developers -> reality.

Great work. I also like this idea and think that it would look really cool (as long as the arrows pointed to the folder that you were in, and as long as it could not take up as much space)

Blog entry (also on - Mar 26 2006
Gnome start button

Various Gnome Stuff by Cyr4x 10 comments

Why? Why? Why?

Why would I want my convenient gnome to be more Windows-Esque?

I realize that it's cool that it's so easy for Linux to be so configurable, but hey, why would I want to configure is as such. I left windows to escape bullshit, not to recreate it.

Still, though. Good work finding this. I suppose that it's kind of cool that you can do that and in only 5 steps. Good work, although it's not something that I would want to do. - Mar 26 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by ertz 69 comments

Looks very promising. I really like them. Question: Are they vector? - Mar 26 2006
Blubuntu GRUB Splash

GRUB Themes by xopher 20 comments

Finally! The standard Ubuntu splash is GARBAGE.

This is MUCH better! - Mar 25 2006
"Save session as a file!"

Various Gnome Stuff by lobais 3 comments

Yes, that.

But I'm not saying that your idea is that, I'm saying that that is a better idea than the ZUI concept because it's more organized. - Mar 18 2006
"Save session as a file!"

Various Gnome Stuff by lobais 3 comments

This kind of idea has been floating around a bit lately. Your specific implementation is a great idea, although maybe a bit messy.

Gnome Topaz (Gnome 3) is supposed to be a task-oriented desktop (possibly...), where you would select what kind of work you'd be doing and it would arrange itself based on this.

If enough of this talk with this new idea keeps floating around, then this is likely what is going to happen.

ZUI is an interesting concept (the wikipedia article mentioned above), but I think that the way that we plan to be doing things: hit a key and all windows get thumbnailed on the desktop as smaller versions and then you select one to zoom onto, is a better idea and easier to navigate, rather than an infinite stretch of desktop space about which you'd have to pan to find things. - Mar 17 2006
Dock icon for Totem

Icon Sub-Sets by le-shog 8 comments

Yeah, we've got to get rid of people who say things like that first guy with his suck comment.

I mean, get rid of them altogether.

If you comment negatively, at least make sure to explain yourself and possibly offer a solution. This way, the author can learn from your opinion and in the future, create better icons or fix the existing one(s).

Don't just comment with ur icons suck. That's just rude and pointless.

On a slightly related topic, I think that the icon is rather good, although perhaps fairly unoriginal (in the sense that I've seen a lot of icons very much like that one). Good work, we need icons.

Question, though. This is Gnome-look, for Gnome users. That icon is clearly aimed at a Mac interface. (I know that we have something similar, but check out the little triangle that we don't have in our version, and the dock is a Mac thing.)

Still, I'm sure that a large icon like that could very well be used in an icon theme. - Mar 08 2006

GDM Themes by christina 14 comments

I rather like the functional bit. Although it's nice that we get naked men here as well as naked women... I prefer women.


Pretty good, though. - Mar 05 2006

Wallpaper Other by dfcwolf 6 comments

So, this is a metaphor that says that Ubuntu and Gnome are sinking?

That hardly seems positive.

I know that's not what you meant, I'm just pointing out something silly. Ignore me. - Mar 03 2006

People by dfcwolf 68 comments

Very sexy, very good wall paper, works together very well, and overall, I'm shocked that your first is so good. However, I'm pretty sure that you're not allowed to use that image (considering that's the case 95% of the time on this site). - Feb 28 2006

Wallpaper Other by elm4y4 1 comment

Pretty good. But if you want people to check it out, put up a screenshot (which acts as a thumbnail, which is important for raising people's interest.)

I like this wallpaper. - Feb 19 2006
Gnome atom

Wallpapers Gnome by unforgivenII 7 comments

Your english is pretty good, actually.

Well, personally I really like The Gimp, and also you have to keep in mind that if there were any bugs half a year ago, they are likely solved by now. Open Source development is very fast, so depending on how long ago you tried The Gimp, things may have been fixed, if they are meant to be fixed.

Also, if you are looking for a photo-shop type alternative that isn't free, then check out Pixel. I hear that it's pretty good.

Here is the main site's screenshots page:

And here is a review of Pixel, on

Hope that you can further your Linux migration. Pixel costs about 45 dollars, I think. Funny how Photoshop costs around 500$... - Feb 05 2006
Gnome atom

Wallpapers Gnome by unforgivenII 7 comments

Interesting. Just out of curiosity, why not The Gimp or something else that actually runs on Gnome without emulation? - Feb 04 2006

Wallpaper Other by slavik 2 comments

Pretty good game (got addicted after seeing this, and having heard about it a long while ago.), but the background is, well, boring. Make it more pleasant, and perhaps colourful, and people will come. I'm sorry to say that I really don't like it, and can offer very little suggestion on how to improve it. But what I can say is a) colour, b) layout, and c)Ask yourself the question: would you use this on your own desktop for a week? - Jan 29 2006
amaroK-Inspired Characters

Cliparts by sabaal 11 comments

Yeah. I made two that I would like to donate: one of myself (Andrei Thorp) and one of Jill Valentine. Feel free to edit them. Here is the link to download the zip for it:

Please give me some credit if you upload them. - Jan 28 2006
amaroK-Inspired Characters

Cliparts by sabaal 11 comments

Hey, I thought to mention, that I am actually using your icons (and some of my own) on my website now:

You should see something familiar on the index page. - Jan 28 2006
amaroK-Inspired Characters

Cliparts by sabaal 11 comments


Goodness me. These kick ass man. I really like them. I'm giving some thought to making some of my own, perhaps one of me to put up here as you did. Seriously great work dude.

(Also kind of inspiring and cool because it propogates the Open Source philisophies and creates that really nice, warm and fuzzy, community feeling.)

Great work. I'm not sure what good they are, but I'm sure that they'll be used somewhere. *Thinks* Hey. Can I use these on my website?

*Thinks some more* Hey, you want to be a member on my website? We're a tech development site, and it would be cool to have an artist on there. Send me an e-mail: garoth at the ax-tech dot net. - Jan 21 2006

Wallpaper Other by uglyaskde 4 comments

It's unfortunate that Apple has always been a greedy, pretty mean corporation. There was a time, you know, that they were the MS of this world pretty much. Oh well. They make pretty good music players (but not as good as iRiver) - Jan 09 2006
Simple Elegance

GDM Themes by Fedorateur 14 comments

Yeah, I remember when the mockup for this came about. It's great to see that people are actually creating as well as dreaming. - Jan 08 2006
Default is Good

Wallpaper Other by uglyaskde 8 comments

If we had merged KDE and GNOME, then we would have more developers, sure, but because we have the two major environments, that means that both will work harder to compete with one another and create more software faster, and it also gives more choice to the user.

Also, face it, this was a joke and a particularly funny one, I think. I'm sure that no developer really took offence to what one person thought would be a joke on a gnome-only site that KDE users/devs probably don't often visit.

And I mean, really. The artist didn't say that KDE was bad code, just that digital dogs pee on it. - Jan 08 2006
Stylebuntu Sky

GDM Themes by saib0t 4 comments

Looks like it's a bit windows inspired, with the modified bliss background (originally from Windows, edited I don't know by whoom), with something that looks a bit like the new aqua crystal theme that will be in vista for the main window bit. I rather like it, although the Ubuntu Linux message is a bit... overshadowed by the Windows presence. - Jan 07 2006

Wallpaper Other by wuf 8 comments

Damn, that's also very nice. - Jan 02 2006

Wallpaper Other by wuf 8 comments

Thanks a lot. I'm using this now. I really like it. - Jan 02 2006
Refiners Fire

Wallpaper Other by 02bunced 6 comments

The reason that this background is getting poor reviews is that it's too busy. All the graphics are attractive as an image, but impractical as a background. - Jan 02 2006

Wallpaper Other by wuf 8 comments

Great background. I want to use it. Can you please make it larger. - Jan 02 2006
Feeling Lucky?

Wallpaper Other by Phr0stByte 3 comments


Have you ever used Blender, and if so tell me why you prefer your Wings 3D and separate rendering software. I ask for educational purposes. - Jan 01 2006
Designed for Linux

Cliparts by PanzerMaus 9 comments

Hey, I like the Tux, and this certainly does what it's supposed to, but I'd like to point out that the text "designed for" is pretty much unreadable, and I had not in fact noticed it until I opened this baby up with Inkscape, at which point I noticed that the text was nearly the same colour as the background.

Note, also, if this is going to be a sticker (or at least designed as such) make sure that the text is larger than you think it needs to be in order to be readable when the image is sticker sized. - Dec 28 2005
My dream gnome 3

Various Gnome Stuff by adios 9 comments

The cool thing about this mockup, is that it's not that far off from being possible, unlike a lot of them which requre Gnome being reprogrammed pretty much from the half-way point.

Some of that can be achieved already, but it would be cool to have some of those options on the top title bar. and some of the things in the main area. One thing that would be nice would be if the notification area could handle multiple rows rather than just one as is the case now.

Yeah, I would like to see some of that in Gnome 3.

And one thing: If the Gnome guys decide to add some eye candy, please, guys, give people the option to have a less pretty one that runs will less resources being used. The people with the 400 mghz machienes will love you for that, because Gnome as it is runs very nicely on a slow machiene. - Dec 07 2005
fedora - new logo

Wallpaper Other by arctic 1 comment

That is one sweet logo, and I'm a fedora user. Really, I like this new logo. It kind of looks like an f for fedora and a sideways 8 for eternity and infinity. Fedora forever! - Nov 27 2005
Power Ximian

Wallpaper Other by Calixero 1 comment

That's definately very good and I'm using it. - Nov 17 2005

Wallpaper Other by Calixero 1 comment

I really like this design, but I think that it would be better if you rendered it with a different coloured light. - Nov 16 2005

Metacity Themes by Amaury 12 comments

I like it, it's clean and neat, but I don't like how the close/min/max buttons look. - Nov 15 2005
Gentle Gnome mockup

Various Gnome Stuff by Gentleman 187 comments

You can do something very close to that with KDE/windows.

It doesn't quite look as nice though. - Nov 08 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by geonetrinity 2 comments

Dude. That top one is definatly a LEMON.

But I like the idea of using real photos for an icon theme. You may be onto something there. - Nov 06 2005
Aqua Matrix

Wallpaper Other by etiennealaurent 3 comments

I looked at it, and it looked sweet, but it's too small for my desktop. How about a larger version (even if it has to be in zip/bz2 format.) - Nov 05 2005
T-ish Pack

GTK2 Themes by tmilovan 138 comments

A very nice theme.

Oh, and what is "comical" on your desktop? I know most of those icons, but that one is new to me. - Nov 02 2005
Gnome in Love

Wallpapers Gnome by TomyMMX 6 comments

Now that's great.

Really clever. I like the idea. - Oct 31 2005
I use Gnome

Wallpapers Gnome by gfx 3 comments

I bet you someone will hate you saying that Gnome is slow, although it is compared to xfce.

But you know, speed and usability are two of's main concearns and they are doing a lot of great work to make sure that a) Gnome 2 runs and loads a hell lot faster than Gnome 1, b) that usability is still the key, and not flash graphics and bells and whistles. (I notice that most people who actually use a computer for the sake of accomplishing a task turn off all the glam that they can, so to save processing power, ram, etc. I see people who use windows even turn off the XP default theme in favor of using the old 98-esque theme, one that I like to refer to 'unusable gray boxes') c) that Gnome doesn't do for Linux what Vista will do for Windows... who's going to use an OS that takes over a Gig of ram and a 3Ghz computer just to make it look nice. Come on.

Seriously, I think that has their values strait: Gnome looks very attractive, focuses on usability and is often very - innovative.

So, yeah, looking forward to Gnome 2.

P.S. Pretty neat wallpaper. Use Gnome. - Oct 25 2005