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Gaurav Sharma
Moka Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by snwh 100 comments

I too had same problem... may be add in description step by step process how to install. - Jan 27 2014
Ambiance Crunchy

GTK3/4 Themes by frombenny 53 comments

Hey... After some reading i did managed to get windows maximize, minimize and close button of that theme, by replacing the metacity-1 folder of the crunchy's with the squared folder.

The things remaining are these button in global menu. can some one tell me where should I replace and which file/files.
you can see the changed button in window view

and here is the maximized view... with global menu button - Sep 25 2013
Ambiance Crunchy

GTK3/4 Themes by frombenny 53 comments


First of all, I must tell you that i really loved your work with crunchy themes. I am using ubuntu from last 1 year and from the day one I am using these themes.

Now for the request part... can you make a theme using colour theme of crunchy and squared ambiance
( ) with colour theme of crunchy n panel ( i think it is called metacity not sure ) of squared ambiance.

I loved its close, minimize and maximize button.. in windowed and with global menu.

I know I am asking for more that I should but please... : will you please ? - Sep 18 2013
zonColor Themes Pack

GTK3/4 Themes by zonsaja 73 comments

I loved your theme... but only thing i wanted to change is the Unity top panel indicator( volume network,etc) icon to the default one, while using the icon theme. Please tell me the way so that I can use the theme( like zoncolorPurple ) with top panel icon as in ubuntu mono dark the default icon set... - Jan 17 2013
9   Jan 20 2013