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Plasma 4 Extensions 298 comments

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Mar 15 2015
The problem is that I can not reproduce this here with my suse.

The point with midnight is no occassion - there is a timer because the data change for a new day.

I'll try with Sidux on the weekend. - Nov 18 2009
Hmm, difficult.
What happens if you restart the akonadi server via akonadictl? - Nov 18 2009
Never noticed any of this?
You are using Sidux version?
Have you composite and effects turned on? - Nov 13 2009
Should be already be fixed in the current version, have you already tried 0.2.3? - Oct 05 2009
Well, I already implemented it for the next version to be released soon. If you have the possibility you can test it in the git repository. - Sep 21 2009
To be honest - I have no clue. The init/layout code is almost identical to public transport.
I dont see any special code that has influence on the whole desktop layout??
I can reproduce the problem with the trash widget, the taskbar works ok for me.
I have setup an git repository:
as I'm away now for some days. - Sep 13 2009
Just to get this right, you already did make and make install (or sudo make install or su -c "make install")? - Jul 23 2009
There should be a settings icon in the advanced settings tab in systemsettings. The kcm-module is in the kdepim-runtime package now (e.g. opensuse kdepim4-runtime). - Jul 23 2009
At a first look you are missing some boost headers, have you installed boost-dev (or what ever it is called in your distribution)? - Jul 23 2009
Some styling will come in the next versions - just dont know how yet.

I try to address this akonadi thing - this should be fixed.

The CPU-consumption I cannot reproduce, not going over 3% for me. - Jul 20 2009
Sorry, this was introduced with KDE 4.3. - Jul 05 2009

Utilities 43 comments

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Sep 03 2011
Hmm, I think the main thing is that it is ported to kde4 at all. And if it is packaged for distributions (like apachelogger is doing for kubuntu) there should be no difference for it to live in kdemultimedia or extragear. Also, imho more flexible releases are possible as I can only work on it if my job and girlfriend permit. :) - Nov 03 2009
Currently I have no plans for moving it back to kdemultimedia. - Nov 03 2009
Both can rip CDs. ;-)

It's a matter of personal taste.
KAudioCreator can encode files from harddisk, what Audex can not afaik.
Otoh Audex can fetch cover images.
Of course there are more smaller differences, kaudiocreator is just one of my hobbies now. - Oct 31 2009
Phonon is a part of Qt4 now. Do you have already the dev package installed (libqt4-phonon-dev oder so)? - Oct 31 2009
I tried with local 2 byte characters - that works.
Over nfs 3 not. but with nfs 4 utf8 seems to work. So I guess its nfs 3 having problems with utf8.
Also, I found no way to set the encoding to use with kprocess.
In svn is added that the current system environment is set for the processes, maybe this helps in some cases (but not in this).

Can you test it with nfs 4? - Oct 26 2009
Hmm, testing with your mount options works for me.

I have openSUSE 11.1 with KDE 4.3.2 and my self compiled binary.

Any error messages? - Oct 16 2009
What exactly goes wrong? Works for me. Do you have write access to the new location? - Oct 14 2009
Looks like the problem is only with lame, the tags are written as id3v1 with utf8-encoding. There is no way to tell lame wich encoding it should use, it uses some iconv-conversion internally. Depending on the player it works or not as there is no standard for id3v1. You can try to force id3v2 with the -add-id3v2 option. - Aug 16 2009
Hmm, I can reproduce it. A fix may take a moment as I have no clue about locale stuff (yet). - Jul 06 2009
I agree that the commanline editing is not easy. Maybe I try to find a better way sometimes.

Transcoding is possible. You need to define an encoder with a commandline tool that is able to do what you want and use it with the "Encode from disk"-option.
In theory you can convert almost everything this way, mp3 to ogg, jpg to png....

For example i have a commandline "mogrify -resize %{comment} %f" for resizing jpgs. - Jun 29 2009
It's using external commandline tools to convert, so yes, you can.
You must define a new encoder, e.g. using the Perl Audio converter (pacpl).
Theroretically you can convert any file format if you have a commandline tool. - Jun 29 2009
SUSE2 Windeco

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 83 comments

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Jun 17 2007
Hmm, seems to be only binary, so you will surely have problems with glibc/gcc/whatever.
Here's the source code:

Good luck! - Jul 04 2006
You don't mean this? - Jul 02 2006
Looks like not yet. There's a spec file in the sources so you can try to make a rpm with rpmbuild -tb kwin-decor-....tar.bz2. You would need kdebase-devel-packages installed for it to work.

Greetings, Gerd - Jan 10 2006
As it works for you too I will release 0.3.3 with it on the WE. - Jan 06 2006
Unfortunately doesn't work for me right now. I take a look at this ASAP. If you like you can also send me this snippets by mail.

Also I don't use this opacity feature, is this with xcompmgr? - Jan 05 2006
Looks like you are missing the devel packages.

You need xlibs-devel up to kdebase-dev.

On ubuntu an apt-get kdebase-dev should do the job.
If you want a deb-package unpack, cd kwin-decor-suse2/ and dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot (maybe you need additionally cdbs). - Dec 14 2005
Hmm, I can compile it on my 64bit SUSE without problems.
Are the right devel-libs installed?

What's the error message?

Greetings, Gerd - Dec 14 2005
Ok, I add some doc for installing in the next release.

But actually it should use the paths given by kde-config (e.g. /usr for debian or /opt/kde3 for SUSE). What distribution do you use?

What do you mean by "all over the place"?

If you want special paths you can specify them in configure (--help) like --libdir= or so.

Greetings, Gerd - Nov 17 2005
What problems did you have compiling it? If you have Qt 3.3 and KDE >=3.3 (and the devel-packages) installed I think it should work on FreeBSD too.

Cheers, Gerd - Oct 17 2005
Have you tried the SUSE colorscheme already? - Jul 12 2005
Maybe. But as I'm not an artist I could only copy some code from an other decoration.

What buttons would you like?


PS: As always, the fastest way is to provide a patch. ;-) - Jun 27 2005
I guess no. FC4 uses gcc4 and the rpms are built with gcc3.3 that has a different ABI. Also, SUSE has KDE installed in /opt/kde3.

If you need a rpm try checkinstall or to build a rpm from the spec file in the sources.

If you have a working one post a link or send it to me. ;-)

Greetings, Gerd - Jun 20 2005
Hmm, the problem is that I do not have gentoo. I ask Aaron Ruznak if he can help. - Jun 08 2005
In the sources is a kwin-deco-suse2.ebuild.

It was provided by Aaron Ruznak. Please report if it still works.

Greetings, Gerd - Jun 07 2005
I'm quite confident with the buttons.
I have not seen really good buttons yet.

Maybe a very light 3D effect like plastic style would not be bad. But I'm not an artist so implementing this is not an easy task for me. - May 13 2005
What's with the buttons? - May 10 2005
Yes, as superstoned says it's based on plastik and it's GPL so everybody's invited to improve it. ;-) - May 10 2005
It's Bitstream Vera Sans (12pt, bold) - May 07 2005
Ok, here you go. For plain SUSE 9.2. - May 05 2005
As I only have SUSE as rpm based distro there's no sense.
But there is a spec file in the sources so it should be quite easy to make one for other distros. And to send it to me or post the link. :-) - May 04 2005
Thanks! Is this for unstable?
Can I put the link in the download section? - May 03 2005
Should already be in the sources and get installed (SuSE.kcsrc). - Apr 30 2005
It's quite easy to change the picture.
Simply edit debian.png in src or replace it. - Apr 30 2005
If I find some time maybe. I'm glad about every contribution. ;-) - Apr 30 2005

Chat & Messenging 21 comments

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Mar 28 2006
You could try turning the firewall of completely.
Maybe reinstall samba? Update with YOU to 3.0.20b. I'm using SUSE 10 too without such problems.

Does the lan browsing e.g. with smbclient -N -L localhost or "master" work?

Are there at least a samba root user?

Do you have any "unusual" options in smb.conf?

If nothing helps you could add the debug = 10 option to your smb.conf and search in the logs for an error. - Dec 05 2005
In the YAST samba server configuration is a checkbox to open the firewall for samba.

For manually editing the ports are 137, 138.

Good luck, Gerd - Dec 01 2005
Thanks, I added the link in the download section. - Nov 29 2005
Hmm, first time I see this error message.
I found no way to reproduce it.

Both machines running linux and I assume the samba servers are running and are configured (message command = ...)?

Other stupid question - a firewall?

Unfortunately even google doesn't give much information. :-(

What samba version and distribution are you running? - Nov 28 2005