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Network by jstamp 805 comments

Dear John, I could kindly ask your assistance.
I have reseted Knemo statistics inadvertently. The database has not been changed - all data can be viewed over all period of time through the SQLite Database Browser.
How can I fix this (in other words which setting should be corrected in Knemo to make data visible through its "Show statistics" over all period of time)?
Thank you in advance - Nov 06 2019
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Plasma 4 Extensions by glad 168 comments

Thank you for your reply. is a depository of a really great wallpapers. I'll recommend that site to my friends. - Dec 16 2011
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Plasma 4 Extensions by glad 168 comments

Which theme was used on the screenshot? - Dec 15 2011
CPU Info (with cpufreqd control module)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Val 4 comments

Доброго времени суток, Val!
Скажите, пожалуйста, Ваша утилита поддерживает регулирование частоты современных процессоров в KDE 4.7.x?

Спасибо - Dec 14 2011