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Horen Schnorzbach

Full Icon Themes by OxayotlTheGreat 220 comments

fixed, it was my internet connection. Thanks for the amazing icons! - Mar 13 2011

Full Icon Themes by OxayotlTheGreat 220 comments

Hi, I'm having trouble downloading this. The speed quickly tapers off and stops. I've tried from different computers, browsers and download managers. If there's no other mirror, would someone be kind enough to upload it to mediafire or similar?

Thanks. - Mar 13 2011

Icon Sub-Sets by djaany 156 comments

These icons are slick, and I especially adore some of the big animal icons which I am using as desktop icons.

However, after a while I decided I prefer the original BuuF icon set - mainly because the folder icon is too dark and the file icons (scripts, txts, docs, bmps...) all look dark and alike. This has massive sex potential tho.

Oh, and a tip for all you punters: BuuF icons look SICK with lyrae's Reuben themes. Go for it! - Jun 09 2008