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Gen Zhang Cambridge, United Kingdom
Karamba & Superkaramba

GTK3 Themes 364 comments

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Sep 13 2017
Big fan --- but currently one minor and one major issue:

1. There are 3 missing ";" at end of lines; if you run anything (e.g. gedit) you will be told of the location of the CSS parsing failures.

2. Currently the gnome-shell theme causes it to freeze when it needs to display search results in overview mode. I suspect it is because of the new "contacts" tiles, but I have not bothered to really run it with gdb to find where the lock up is, but it seems to sit spinning with 100% CPU usage, and strace shows no syscalls occurring, so it's probably some trivial loop somewhere.

Keep up the great work! - Oct 01 2011
China Scenery

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

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May 08 2004
It would make more sense why the scenery is great if you knew where it was... But yeah, the photography could be better... - May 08 2004

Icon Sub-Sets 86 comments

by telex
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Dec 07 2004

Actually, could you add support for generating the icons with rsvg ? I've currently hacked up the thing to do it, but it's not pretty, and I hate python... :D The rsvg command line looks like:

rsvg -w -h

which currently translates to:

cmd = '%s -w %s -h %s scalable/%s/%s %s' % (app, w, h, d, f, out)

Also, the size 128x128 might be appreciated by various people with large screens. I personally don't know very much about KDE icon structures, but there are settings for the dpi of the resulting icons and for the compression ratio too. Keep up the good work. They are beautiful icons.

- Mar 24 2004
ignore that... i've just spotted it :D - Mar 24 2004
Your panel at the top is on top of your menubar... how do you do that? I've been trying to get it to do that for a while now, and I just can't... - Mar 24 2004

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 703 comments

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Dec 23 2019
Everyone should beware that the config cache has been left in by mistake, so if your make is failing with commands, includes or libraries not being found, do a:
$ make install
and re-run ./configure && make && ... etc. - Jun 11 2003
Smooth Akua OS K

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 54 comments

by ntesa
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Jun 02 2003
Don't suppose I could have some of the artwork? It's been a bit of a pain to try to get the background looking right - I'm a spastic on GIMP. :) In any case, those icons look damn good... could you post it as a theme here? - May 20 2003
What is the docker that you're using? It looks damn authentic...! - May 20 2003
MacOSX Docker

Karamba & Superkaramba 62 comments

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May 12 2003
This is still an unresolve issue with SuperKaramba, I think. Have you got XMMS? I used to have the exact same problem and then I recompiled SuperKaramba after installing XMMS (I run Gentoo, so I get all the devel stuff too, you may need to explicitly get the devel stuff) and eveything worked. Wierd huh? Please report back whether it works for you...? - May 13 2003
I'm afraid that the error doesn't look OSXDocker-caused... What distro are you using and what package of superkaramba? - May 13 2003
My bad... :S prepend the file with "import time" - May 12 2003
Don't change iconPath. - May 11 2003
Superkaramba 0.23? The version is important. resizeImageSmooth was only brought out in 0.23. - May 11 2003
I learnt the superkaramba api moreorless through DynBar, and I'm currently looking at Kroller to see what optimisations I can put in. - May 11 2003
I'm working on that point, it's just that it's not easy to get text to appear at the right place, especially since I can't move text around (the API isn't there). As for the screeshot, it's on my list of todos, and I'm looking at the Qt code neccessary. - May 10 2003
Yeah... sorry about that. I realised my mistake just after releasing the package. You should change the "configurationFile" on that line to read "basePath+configurationFile". I'll be releasing a new package soon anyway. - May 10 2003
Thank you! I think its a bit too ambitious to be thinking about distro inclusion, though it would certainly be nice! :D - May 09 2003
Your themePaths constant has to be a list like [ "/this/path/here/", "/another/path/there/" ]. I'm working on a set of easy to edit configuration files for the icons and buttons. - May 09 2003
I've put out a new version, which can now cycle through windows. Use the mouse wheel. Thank you very much for your suggestion. Keep 'em coming. - May 08 2003
The decorations are on kde-look, I think it's call AquaOSK - May 08 2003
That bouncing and zooming stuff are definitely going to be put in, but there would be a prodigious memory usage (in the order of 50Mb). As far as the context menu goes, I'm sure that could be done, except that I've run out of mouse buttons.... :p LMB is activate, and middle is to launch a new instance of that app.

Thank you. - May 08 2003
Are you sure you've got SuperKaramba version 0.22b? (Note the bold) - May 08 2003
I used that before, when I had a dual boot... it wasn't significantly faster, and had plenty of stability issues of its own. Of course, things might/should have improved by now, but I don't think that Microsoft was going to put in more API calls just for them... :D - May 08 2003
SlickBar for SuperKaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba 282 comments

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Jan 08 2004
Any plans to beat the slicker team to getting a working slicker out of the door? :p - May 06 2003
Docker bar

Karamba & Superkaramba 15 comments

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May 03 2003
I'd imagine the same as on other linuxes. Install superkaramba first, then untar this file. Alter to suit your system. Run it. - May 03 2003
I used to have this problem too, but it mysteriously disappeared when installed xmms and recompiled superkaramba. Have you got xmms (devel + libs)? - May 03 2003
Docker root path:dockerPath
Icon relative path:picPath
Application path:appPath - May 02 2003
good idea... I'll see what I can do - May 02 2003
There are three paths to set. There is the docker root path, the relative path to AppLnks and relative path to icons. DynBar uses the existing kde icon sets, but docker only uses the icons you have in the icon path, so you'll have to do some linking or copying... :( sorry about that, but the whole thing is a bit alpha. - May 02 2003
Does anyone have other ideas for docklets?? - May 01 2003
Dynamic Bar - Smooth Zoom

Karamba & Superkaramba 102 comments

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Apr 29 2003
As far as I can see, karamba is the only good contender for a Acqua-like docker. So I was wondering about the ability to add dynamic icons to the bar... The problem is that the bar would have to know when programs have been started. Any ideas? - Apr 28 2003
Scratch that thing about libraries... it seems that I forgot about time.sleep in the zooming code (i never had it on...) On the other hand, I no longer get the errors, despite not changing anything with Python or fiddling with SuperKaramba sources. However, the one change I did make was to enable xmms when compiling. Oddly, the resolving issues have never come back. So I wonder whether all those people who had that problem had xmms enabled or not? - Apr 28 2003
I've done an implementation, after messing around with, which precalculates 5 frames of zooming and simply hide/showImage instead of move/resizeImage. It seems to run very well with 9 icons. But I never got the original DynBar zooming to work anyway, so I don't know what the difference is... :p - Apr 28 2003
Could you cache the zoom sequences?? I'd imagine that it would make the entire thing much faster than the current calculate-when-zooming. I'd imagine that even MacOS X does it... - Apr 28 2003
I know that many people have had problems with unresolved symbols on loading DynBar, and I can say that a simple solution is to comment out the "import time" line and to replace the relevant clock-related functions with "pass", thereby removing that dependency.

Also, by adding "fileList.sort()" after getting the globbed fileList allows people finer control over the order in which the icons appear, so that by using the age-old tradition of "##whatever" (# is a numeric digit) exact control over placing can be done. Just my 2 cents. - Apr 28 2003