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Bert Bruggeman
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Tigrish Dock

Various Gnome Stuff 1 comment

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Feb 28 2008
how did you remove the big locations button above the sidebar in nautilus? - Feb 29 2008
Perfect Gnome Suite

GTK2 Themes 56 comments

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Jun 12 2006
Nice theme... But there are a few things i don't like... -the dark gray collor of the active tasks (should be more like rezlooks graphite) - I really like the windec+menubar in the same color but that windec isn't my flavour..., should be much more simple and cleaner with maybe a verry small round corner...
these are just a few tips, continue the great work... - May 21 2006
blah blah blah blah

Various Gnome Stuff 6 comments

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May 10 2006
sorry but.... - May 10 2006
Darker theme

GTK2 Themes 64 comments

by sysop
Score 53.3%
Aug 09 2006
Thats one of the best dark themes i saw for the gnome-desktop... I do think the (light) tray-icons have a negative influence on the upper bar. - Dec 24 2005
Gentle Gnome mockup

Various Gnome Stuff 187 comments

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Jan 12 2006
Are you serious? If something like this is possible, why aren't there any "real" things out like this? I really hope that what you say is true,... About Ai 11 you're right, It's one of the few apps i can't let go (I run it on mac but also on win, my dream is that the cs suite will work just as well under linux on a day... Inkscape also does the job for less complex stuff, but for these and the comming designs i will continue working with Ai 11) More themes will come soon... and ideas are still welcome - Nov 21 2005
I will remeber this... - Nov 15 2005
I do not think my mock-up have much in common with this one, no offence to the creator. - Nov 15 2005
Sorry, this is all made with inkscape and the gimp,... maybe on a day this will be possible... - Nov 14 2005
This is just artwork, just a design how I wouild like the gnome desktop... I made this because I like to do it and with the tought maybe it will have some influence... - Nov 14 2005
I'm not able to make the metacity theme myself,... People who want to make it, be free... - Nov 09 2005
This is only an idea for the future of gnome/gtk... - Nov 09 2005
Isn't this comment fot another mockup posted recently? - Nov 09 2005
I'm making a full mockup for all posibillities, also with a few programs themed in my style, it will be a full simulation of the gnome desktop with a few new things... I like to do this, and maybe my mockup will make a difference...

Aspect this in a few days... - Nov 09 2005
Everything you see is just artwork,... - Nov 08 2005 (there are more beatifull wallpapers on their website... - Nov 08 2005 (there are more beatifull wallpapers on their website... - Nov 08 2005

Metacity Themes 54 comments

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Nov 16 2005
It is a pleasure to see that people really liked an idea and not just give good comments, but also try to make it real...
Good job, and I lookout to the next version. If you need my help with something, just ask... - Nov 13 2005