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Bernhard Jaud Salzburg, Austria
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Wolfbird - Twitter your Songs

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Feb 17 2010
Haha Thanks. I know this. I already developed some Twitter Clients with OAuth. My problem is that the JS OAuth library seems to fail to exchange the Request Token to a Auth Token. After Completing the OOB Pin exchange though. - Oct 09 2010
I tried to implement the JavaScript OAuth class. But I failed to get a successful Auth so far.

Currently I have no Idea how to sort this out. I'd appreciate if someone has an Idea or feels able to implement OAuth in a Amarok2 Script. - Oct 09 2010
Sorry. I'll try to sort it out this week. I can't promise anything though. - Sep 13 2010
Arrg! I#m stupid. I know what causes the trouble.

I'm stupid. Should be fixed now.

Sorry :-/ - Feb 17 2010
Woops :-(

I'll look into this when I get home.

Sorry :-( - Feb 17 2010
Thanks for you kind words.

This problem should also be fixed in this version.

The thing with the name is that Twitter now requires the client to authenticate with OAuth to display a name. I'm working on this, but it's a complicated (and maybe not solveable) task.

So stay tuned :) - Feb 16 2010
Thanks for reporting. I just uploaded a fixed Version. - Feb 16 2010
Thanks for your suggestion. I'll have a look into this. In the meantime, do minimize the loss of Followers, you can disable the automatic Tweeting and trigger the Tweet manually ;-) - Jan 31 2010
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Amarok 2.x Scripts
by berkowitz

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Nov 09 2009