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george kendros toronto, Canada

GTK2 Themes by kimmik 6 comments

This is probably the best pixmap theme I've seen to date. - Jul 02 2008
Sunset through the trees

Nature by napzilla 1 comment

It would probably be a better idea to make one posting, and have a bunch of 'alternate links' for the various sizes. - May 14 2008
mary ann's elegant file icons

Icon Sub-Sets by servechilled 17 comments

I like the way you color coded them into different groups (ie. docs, media, system, etc.) That was a really innovative touch. - Apr 22 2008
xiro Grey

GTK2 Themes by geoken 3 comments

You need Inkscape 0.46. You probably have 0.45 (it's the newest one in Gutsy's repos).

Once you install Inkscape 0.46, the panels will open in the dock by default. - Apr 06 2008
tux logo proposal

Cliparts by strunzel 7 comments

I think it looks great. I also think the concept of a monochrome, simplified tux logo is great. The comonly used cartoonish logo is pretty much the antithesis of clean attractive design.

I don't understand why anyone whould think it's similar to an apple logo. By that logic, any monochrome icon is similar to an apple logo. - Mar 24 2008