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Plasma 4 Extensions by christau 35 comments

Very nice that someone has the mercy to make this desperately needed applet.
But: is it really supposed to consume about 50% processing power on a 2600MHz Pentium for scrolling? - Sep 12 2010

Network by hugopl 44 comments

p.s. i have 2 totally different machines with kubuntu, both have this problem, although the other one has a permanent router connection. so it's not about pppd or something. - Jan 20 2010

Network by hugopl 44 comments

Got this since jaunty and still with karmic. I open it with a script connecting the dsl modem. sometimes it works, sometimes not. If not, i have the same starting it by bash or kde commandline. if knetstats remains open while shutdown, it wont get restored next time i boot, there's an error message about not being able to connect to dcop server. very annoying, as there is no certain error message and sometimes the error is there and sometimes not. there is no change in what i do before knetstats is opened, i connect to dsl right after the machine is up. sometimes i get a tray icon, sometimes not. weird. - Jan 20 2010