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Gerald B
Futurosoft Icons

Full Icon Themes by Sephiroth6779 87 comments

I like this theme, it looks quite good.

But I dislike the navigation-icons (backwards, forwards, upwards; for instance in konqueror). In the smallest choosable size (which I happen to use) they are hardly distinguishable! - Jun 13 2007

KDM3 Themes by fuku 11 comments


nice theme, thank you!
But rapidshare sucks! - Mar 25 2007
Walchensee, early Winter

Wallpaper Other by franzf 5 comments

Ever been diving in there? - Nov 02 2005
msstyle loader prototype

KDE 3.5 Themes by equinoxe 29 comments

I don't think this is illegal because all you provide is a software. What a user does with that software might be illegal, but not providing the program itself.
I think that's a bit like KaZaA and so on - you can perhaps do illegal stuff with the software, but then that's the problem of the user, not of the developer.
Or did you break any laws to develop it? - Aug 26 2004
Tux Red

Wallpaper Other by hrholme 11 comments

Using Tux for political matters(excluding software issues) is equal to abuse Tux.

[I like political discussion, but there are better locations for that!] - Oct 10 2003

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by dulus27pl 3 comments

I guess most people vote XP-like stuff bad just because it's MS or Windows. I also don't like those.
But I don't really dislike its look. It's all about the looks on this site, so please consider only that. It's plain impossible that OSX-lookalikes harvest up to around 85% and XPish stuff always gets less than 40% when only the look counts! - Aug 28 2003
Umicons 2.0

Icon Sub-Sets by norbalin 68 comments

These icons look like gnome somehow. They are better than gnome's original ones, though. - Jul 29 2003
Kurumin 2

Wallpaper Other by promete7 5 comments

This is not a wallpaper but a screenshot! - Jul 27 2003
matrix wonabee

Wallpaper Other by mercury 3 comments

Why such a tiny preview pic? - May 10 2003
" 3000 American dead, 4 airliners crashed, 2 landmarks destroyed, billions of dollars to reconstruct due to a group called Al Queda."

Yeah yeah, September 11 is what you think you can use to justify any war now, huh? Look, I don't consider Saddam Hussein a good guy. Definitely not. But I don't think there are any connections to the WTC destruction and killing. Simply because Hussein always wanted to be the number one in the arabix world, and not 'join' some Bin Laden or the like. Bin Laden is a religious fanatic, Hussein only claims to be religious. They both are somewhat different from each other, in their beliefs as well as in their aims. They would not work together!
Erm, by the way: CIA did NOT consider Iraq a military threat, that's just Bush's word.
And how many has America killed in wars 'to free' others? Ways more than 3000 after WWII. And how often did it work? Not to mention that if Iraq has any weapons of mass destruction they are American products, just as Saddam Hussein is an American product!
And what if France would not veto war? That would not have been a prevention of it, but making it start earlier!

" Due to the actions of the Bush administration early on, the UN was able to return weapons inspectors to Iraq in the first place. They had been forcibly removed by the Iraqis late in Clinton's administration."
Sure, the US of A are a powerful nation. The most powerful at the moment. Are you sure Bush is able to lead that power well? I'm not, as Bush is an extremist.
Another question, bit off-topic: Why does America listen in on telephones of the European Union, even the office of the British? Does America consider Europe as a threat? Next enemy to bomb? Imagine French spies would spy out what is happening in the Pentagon?
In my eyes, right now(as long as the current "preventive-war-strategy" is being continued) I consider the US of A as the greatest danger to the world.
BTW, drink some rum as long as you still can, I guess Cuba could have weapons of mass destruction, too.

"Now in a post Saddam world, Al Queda just lost a major supplier of devices for mass murder. They've lost one more safe haven to run to."
As I said, there are no connections between Iraq and Al Qaida, except the one that both belong to the Islam in one or another way.

And now, North-Korea is building nuclear weapons, because[in their sight] they have seen that the only way to hold back america from overrunning one's country is to hold weapons of mass destruction and to be ready to use them.
Great deal, thank's America.
Wake up man, America is not just the good - not even building up Europe again after WWII was for the sake of Europe or of good. That was necessary to prevent Russia conquer the world, and today, Europe makes up a good market for America, doesn't it?! - Apr 16 2003
I don't want political discussions on, but "Eurotrash" just forces me to reply.

Tell me again, what exactly were the reasons for that war?
Oh right, it was just a FUCKING Bush who wanted(!) war, and NEVER tried to avoid it.
I'm not anti-American. I just dislike the way that Bush and Rumsfeld go. Their aim is not peace anywhere, it is power, and power only.
Don't you see that this is growing enemies for the US of A all over the world? As long as America will stay on their current course, they will one they perish just like Germany did little more than half a century ago.

Bush and Bin Laden are same level, it's just that Bush has the(currently) most powerful military to support him.
Or maybe Bush is not even a relegious fanatic, but just pretending to be a religious man, pretty much like Saddam Hussein.

Europe is so much a better place to live than the US of A.
And imagine, sort of US of Europe would could even be stronger in a military way! I guess there'll be another cold war - though I hope not! America has to wake up. - Apr 15 2003
Although I am actually interested in politics and foreign politics especially, I agree: is just not the right place for this! - Apr 14 2003
Compilation of some idea

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by aliceoutchains 10 comments

This look really good! It's definitely an improvement, especially if one could choose between both, this one and the classical look.
Hope there is somebody able to do it. I am certainly not :( . Not yet, at least. - Mar 22 2003
Sea goddess (eyes of the night)

Wallpaper Other by ramawarage 1 comment

... what did you smoke when you dreamt what you say in "discription"?

*lol*, don't take it too seriously... - Dec 28 2002
Kazaa Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by Fr3d 3 comments

I tried running Kazaa Lite using Wine, but it didn't work.
How did you do that? Any special circumstances I have to be aware of? - Dec 26 2002
New-Horizon-Splash other Icons

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by th.cherouny 2 comments

This looks really nice, but how to install it? The instruction in the howto don't work; and generally, where would I have to put the files to when I want the new splash globally for all users? I'm using KDE3.0.1, so if anyone could help me... thanks - Dec 22 2002

KDE 3 Color Schemes by Gerald 4 comments

It's the standard SuSE window decoration.
I don't know if you can download it somewhere. - Dec 16 2002
The Lord Of The Kernels

Wallpaper Other by themesKnugen 8 comments

This picture makes Linux look like an evil plague conquering the world violently ruled by a sort of "DarkLord Tux".
Perhaps there should rather be Bill Gates or the like in background...
- May 25 2002
europe_splash (KDE3 and kde2)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by toonmuylkens 20 comments

I think this one is a real good thing.
I would like to see Europe more as Europe instead of several states more often(although I don't mean on internet especially. Rather in a political and cultural way).

I guess this splash goes very well with the KDE-Europe wallpaper I uploaded some time ago *g* - May 12 2002

Wallpaper Other by bas 2 comments

That font is really cool! - May 11 2002
Lumon Style Theme for KDE 2.x

KDE 2 Themes by seppo 6 comments

I must say I don't understand why this style only has a 50% rating.
I think this is one of the best styles availiable! - May 08 2002
Why do I need Windows???

KDE Plasma Screenshots by renoken 27 comments

Does Micrografx Picture Publisher(9) also run with it?
I don't like the Gimp interface you know. - Apr 21 2002
Why do I need Windows???

KDE Plasma Screenshots by renoken 27 comments

Hey you don't want to tell us you really would use Microsoft Internet Explorer under Linux, do you? - Apr 21 2002

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by Joz 1 comment

Hey, nice idea adding the letters to that K she holds - but it looks like you should spin them upwards one or two degrees... I don't know... - Apr 05 2002

KDE Plasma Screenshots by reto 7 comments

That program is called "KNewsTicker", right?
I don't know what went wrong... I use SuSE Linux 7.3 personal, and I have the configure dialogue for the Newsticker in the menu, but the program itself isn't there, not installed and not on CD.
Where can I download it? - Apr 01 2002
Microsoft Fonts

Various Stuff by aviram 9 comments

Why didn't you upload the thing to Is it too big?
'Cause your site is not available right now, so I got to wait.
Besides that, good work, where to find more fonts(perhaps not MS-ones only)? - Mar 30 2002
windows X splash screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by echobrain 49 comments

I think you're right. But on the other hand a 'normal windows user' won't really know what is meant when they see or hear those three letters 'KDE'.
So I usually say 'KDE on Linux' or something like that. I think this prevents misunderstandings and should be clear for everyone. - Mar 30 2002

KDE 3.5 Themes by aronnax 148 comments

Forget the question, just noticed the readme.kde... *g* - Mar 19 2002

KDE 3.5 Themes by aronnax 148 comments

Sorry I'm kinda newbie to Linux,
how can I do that, compile LICQ with KDE support?
I guess that will affect the dialogs use the KDE styles, wouldn' it? So I need to know how to do that(as I think standard compilation looks ugly).
Thanks in advance - Mar 19 2002
Simple Countdown

Plasma 4 Extensions
by benjaminum

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Oxygen Orange

Plasma Color Schemes
by BatmansGehilfe

9   Jan 02 2012
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Full Icon Themes
by frag

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Plasma 4 Extensions
by warzin

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Plasma Window Decorations
by fillintheblank337

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