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elisabeth bruckner Oslo, Norway
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Nautilus Scripts by leogtzr 3 comments

thx this script was what i needed :-) works great for me !! - Jul 27 2011
You did a nice job. Looking forward for the Icons :-D. - Jul 31 2009
DarkGlass for gnome

Full Icon Themes by gmaster 6 comments

I would love to download this nice theme but the filehost says that all download slots for my country are busy ;-)
Would it be possible to host it somewhere else please?? Nice theme :-)
Cheers - Jun 07 2009
Transparent wallpaper [1280x800]

Wallpaper Other by Ginlemon 11 comments

I simply love it, great work. I use it...voted good - May 14 2009
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Nautilus Scripts
by leogtzr

9   Jul 27 2011