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AmarokNowPlaying for Facebook

Amarok 1.x Scripts 44 comments

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Jul 04 2009
The page you requested was not found.

You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. Some web addresses are case sensitive. - Jul 14 2008

Various KDE Stuff 16 comments

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Jun 12 2007
it would be great to know where this script is. As for the cursors, the last commit AFAIK was done 4 months ago and there were missing cursors - Jun 13 2007
Kopete OTR Plugin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 57 comments

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Mar 03 2008

Any idea of how to deal with the newlines problem anyone?

Thanks! - Jun 10 2007
amaroK Video Capable [MockUp]

Video Apps 46 comments

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Jul 29 2006
sorry, I reread your post, and now I got the point.
The thing is, that I do see video inside konqi, as well as inside FF. Morover, I usually have to disable it, cause I preffer to do "view source->doubleclick->wget with middle click" voodoo.
You problem has nothing to do wth "streaming video", it's rather common packaging problem.
Just think about what and how you install. - Jul 03 2006
do you mean that message "connecting..." with dots running on the bottom tool bar? or what do you mean by "handling"? The download speed is higher? - Jul 03 2006
I just don't get, while there is always a neophyte that wants to have another windows? - Jul 03 2006

Audio Apps 12 comments

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Sep 29 2007
I think you know taht you need to post a link to your homepage within pinned thread on the amarok forum .... - Jul 01 2006

Utilities 20 comments

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Dec 26 2006
got the khtml_ext.h from kde repository, compiled, linked and runs.
however, if i close the popup with translation, some focus issue comes up, all the kicker interface becomes unresposable.

Anyway, it's impressive for 0.1!!! good job, you just made my day! - Jan 20 2006
but same error on gentoo kde3.4
isnt khtml_ext.h a part of older kdelibs? - Jan 20 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 21 comments

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May 04 2005
on my asus works like a charm :-)
great, thanks! - Aug 05 2005