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Georg Fritscher , Spain
Evolvere Icon theme

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Mar 25 2018

I discovered that the VPN systray icon - this additional padlock next to the network systray icon - is missing, when you are connected to VPN.
Would you please take care of that?

Thank you in advance, have a good day. - Apr 30 2015
It is by far the best icon theme since the Faenca series and derivates. This was the first icon theme I changed to after years ;-) - Apr 11 2015

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Aug 01 2012
Hi hellokitten,

Thank you for your reply, and yes, I noticed your Firefox theme too. But honestly, I do not want to change Mozilla's CSS code since I sometimes change themes within one day, just according to best usage.

Just a little hint ... I do not want to influence your marvellous artwork ... have a look on MediterraneanNight, he went the "grey way" and there's no need to change CSS codes in T-Bird and Firefox.

Another little issue I discovered in the meantime too: If you work with spread sheets in "page view" the page number overlays sometimes the content of columns in the same color like the content, which makes it unreadable while editing.

Please continue your great work, your theme is (per my opinion) on the best way to become a "bestseller" ;-)

Enjoy your day. - Aug 09 2012
I've voted your theme up :-) - Aug 07 2012
Thank you very much varNam. Yes it will work for the time being. I look forward to your theme being finished, and also firefox and T-Bird look accordingly ;-) It is perfect for me since I am working extreme hours on my PC on a daily basis. - Aug 07 2012

It is a marvellous theme, I love it.

Just discovered a flaw in Thunderbird - Lightning and Email form. I did a screen shot of the task window ... it more then less is unreadable.

Would you please correct it?

Thank you in advance, have a ewonderful day. - Aug 04 2012

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9   Aug 04 2012