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copyplaylist2 (amaroK script)

Amarok 1.x Scripts by mkae 19 comments

I have not tested copyplaylist2. I am basing my understanding of its functionality on its description.

It seems that copying the files on the playlist to the usb is only desired the first time and that on subsequent envocations one would like the playlist and the usb to be syncronized, such as one might achieve with rsync.

Rsync would not copy files already found on the usb device and could be instructed to remove files from the usb that are no longer found in the playlist.

Has anyone given this any thought? A brute force solution might be to create a directory tree of symbolic links to the songs in the playlist and then envoke rsync, telling it to expand links to actual files as it syncronizes the usb with the directory of symlinks.

Comments? - Jan 04 2006
AmaroK XUL Remote

Amarok 1.x Scripts by mbedouet 116 comments

I look forward to trying your latest work, probably when Firefox 1.5.x finds its way into Debian Unstable.

Till then, thanks.

Gisli - Oct 16 2005
AmaroK XUL Remote

Amarok 1.x Scripts by mbedouet 116 comments

Thanks for the volume control tip. This is wonderful.

I noticed one additional issue. When I make the a AmaroK remote window small, I can not separately grow the Collection side-bar. The left-right arrow appears when I clock the right border of the side-bar, but growing it is not possible.

Finally, one question. Will you be making enhancements only for Firefox 1.5.x, or will users of Firefox 1.0.x also see improvements?

Thanks again.

Gisli - Oct 16 2005
AmaroK XUL Remote

Amarok 1.x Scripts by mbedouet 116 comments

This is a very useful application. I have some comments (I am using with Firefox 1.0.x):

1) A sentence or two about how to install the script and start it would be useful. I managed, but it was not obvious. A note in the README would help.

2) It is not obvious either that going to host:8888 applies only to the first time and that once the Firefox extensions is installed, one should go to the Tools menu.

3) The collection panel seem to have problems with foreign characters in album and/or song tiles.

4) Collection albums are organized differently in Amarok than in xulremote. Amarok places the corresponding songs under Various artists, but xulremote puts them at top-level. I find the Amarok solution more useful and it would be good if xulremote were consistent.

5) It is rather cumbersome how xulremote requires the dragging of *individual* songs to the playlist. I would be more convenient if it also allowed dragging album and artist to get the entire set in one shot.

6) Would it be possible to add volume control? My apologies if it is already there, I did not find it.

Thanks for your efforts

Gisli - Oct 16 2005