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Giuseppe Penone Portsmouth, United Kingdom
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Nemo, Caja & Nautilus PyExtensions

System Software 9 comments

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Jul 19 2015
I'm glad that it works now, thank you for testing it!
As for the delay in the startup, the more extensions you enable (either python extensions or others that you install as packages) slightly slow down the nautilus boot/restart and also the nightilus right click, but this should be almost imperceptible, two seconds seems to be a bit too much. - Oct 18 2014
The fact is that it is just a graphical interface and you have to use the interface to add/remove/activate/deactivate extensions with it.

Removing the graphical handler does not remove the activated extensions automatically.

Actually if you did not activate any extension there should be not any change to nautilus and no difference if nautilus-pyextensions is installed or not.

The problem you had may have been with the nautilus restart toolbutton (that I fixed with 3.4.1 today).
If you click on the toolbutton to restart nautilus, note that there's a lot of work required to the CPU especially if you are on an old PC, be patient just wait.

About the files renaming extension, that one works with all files in the current directory, not on the selected files.

If you want to help me understand if the problem is still there with 3.4.1, please install it again and play with it. - Oct 14 2014
Weird, I'm running 14.04 myself with nautilus 3.10 and caja 1.8.1 and no problems. BTW Nautilus 3 is getting worse and worse, thanks god it was forked to Caja. - Oct 12 2014
Thanks for your report... I will try to reproduce this Index Error.
- Oct 24 2008

Text Editors 45 comments

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Aug 06 2016
Many thanks for your kind feedback :) - Jan 04 2014
I'm happy that you like cherrytree, thanks for congratulations.
I agree that the export to html needs to be improved, but it requires a lot of free time that I don't have at the moment, in the short period I will be able only to ensure bugfixes and minor changes.
Cheers. - Jan 22 2012
ok got it, I'll do it.
cheers. - Jul 01 2011
There's more than a plan, there's a branch named gtk3 in the mercurial repository.
I was close to the solution but I got stuck on some functions that are available in pure gtk3 but not in the python bindings.
I'm still wondering how to face the problem, it's also possible I'll try to port the app to pure C (this would take time but in the end I would be independent from the bindings and I would have a faster app). - Jun 30 2011
Please describe exactly what you think is missing in cherrytree, I have no time to install and try notecase pro.
Regards. - Jun 30 2011
between the node properties that you can edit there's already a place where you can write the tags you want.
those tags will not appear in the node title but will be parsed when you search for a node name. - Jun 28 2011
your code is in the latest (mercurial) development version, thanks for the contribution. - May 06 2011
on my ubuntu machine the password dialog is always focused, and precisely the cursor inside of the text entry is.
what distro and version are you running? - May 05 2011
ok the problem seems related to the fact that the number of past saved states is actually infinite.
every state for a node takes lot of space as the information is not differential.
I will either add the preferences option to limit the number of saved states of a node to a certain number or embed a fixed limit myself in the code. - Dec 28 2010
Thank you for the report I'll do some testing about this - Dec 27 2010
hello, password protection is in the TODO list, I will do something in future.
regards. - Dec 26 2010
you're right, it was a bug (sorry about that).
if you download the archive again, now the is fixed.
thanks for the report, let me know if you still have problems.
ciao. - Oct 17 2010
all you have to do is, before creating the package, edit the file "" that you find in the folder "modules".
search for the row where is written:

LOCALE_PATH = '/usr/share/locale/'

and replace with

LOCALE_PATH = '/usr/locale/'

ciao. - Oct 15 2010
I cannot reproduce the problem here, what distro/version are you using?
Seems to be an installation problem. - Oct 15 2010
you're right, I'll improve the right click menu for the next release, maybe using submenus.
thank you, cheers. - Sep 15 2010
Hi Dicson,
unfortunately those windows are handled directly from glade (as children of the about dialog) and the only way to fix this problem is to directly write the xml code the way you made, but this hack will be erased the next time I edit something through glade.
Giuseppe. - Apr 24 2010
It's a pleasure to improve CherryTree!
I hope to find soon the time to implement all the following:

- enable hyperlinks also to files
- insert tables
- bulleted/numbered list
- export to other formats of a node/all nodes (.odt/.html)
- better cherry icons for the nodes, possibility of choose custom icons
- spelling check
- make syntax highlighting work just in a block of text

Cheers! - Dec 19 2009
I'm already working on it, soon I'll release a version supporting links to webpages and links to other nodes/other nodes anchors.
Thanks for liking CherryTree,
Cheers! - Dec 14 2009
Hi and thanks for liking CherryTree!
I will move the settings file how you advice.
Giuseppe. - Dec 12 2009
lxpanel 0.6 + integrated launch and task

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Sep 07 2013
Hi, I'm on the LXDE developers mailing list and I write there about the progress of my work too, receiving feedback from the other LXDE developers. Some of the work has been already included for the future lxpanel versions (all the changes to the keyboard layout handler until version 0.6). - Sep 06 2012
X Tile

System Software 20 comments

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Nov 15 2015
i'm very busy and i don't think i will start new projects soon.
hope you enjoy x-tile :) - Feb 17 2011
can you send me a mail with a screenshot of x-tile listing the nautilus desktop? then can you write what distro and version you are using? thanks. - Oct 31 2010
thanks to you for your precious feedback - Sep 24 2010
I'll do some testing trying to get the compiz viewport information, if I will succeed I will integrate the "only current workspace" with the "only current compiz viewport".
Giuseppe. - Sep 10 2010
I'm sorry I don't understand what you mean with the viewports/what the viewports are, can you explain better? - Sep 09 2010
It seems that this happened because the desktop was listed between the normal windows and you tiled it as well. As I don't see the desktop listed I cannot understand what filter to add to never show it, if anybody can see it please contact me and help me to add the filter. - Sep 09 2010
Thanks to you for the appreciation! - Sep 20 2009

Developers Apps 1 comment

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Nov 25 2011
your app is really good, the best for files comparison, but it's not easy to spot the differences when used for directories comparison.
red lights everywhere, nothing telling the user that inside a subfolder there's really a file that is actually different.
kdiff3 is much ahead of meld in directories comparison but I do hope you will improve the funtionality.
thanks for your work. - Oct 06 2010
Watcher -- Zenity Progress Window

Nautilus Scripts 8 comments

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Sep 04 2010
I think it's very useful to have a working standalone progress dialog.
I'm working on a progress dialog module too but in python and pygtk (for my application "nautilus-pyextensions") and fighting against the same problems you described.
Cheers. - Jun 13 2009

Vector Graphics
by molumen2

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9   Jul 31 2011

Developers Apps
by kwilladsen

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9   Oct 06 2010