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Nice work, I was really starting to like these icons, but I noticed wnen the cursor is sitting still for any length of time the circle in the middle flashes. This really annoys me because it makes me feel like there is something going on when there isn't meaning activity.

A cursor should not be flashing when sitting idle, it should only do something when you are using it and it's active. I hope you will consider disabling this.

So for now I can't stand using this cursor with it flashing all the time sitting still.. :( - May 31 2014

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 7 comments

Actually this is really scary making Nix looks like Winblows! LOL... - Apr 26 2014

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 7 comments

Look don't take it personal, or the wrong way, I think it's great you try to bring something for people, but seriously people that use Linux typically don't like Windows, or care to even have it look like Windows...

I don't know why anyone would want their Linux box to look like Windows is beyond me...

Sorry but this was really silly to do...

Take your skills and make some nice looking GTK themes for Linux to look like Linux... - Apr 26 2014
Siva Flat 1.3.0

GTK3/4 Themes by nale12 24 comments

This is really nice theme, please update for GTK 3.8x? - Mar 25 2014

GTK3/4 Themes by trastes 148 comments

This is a really nice theme, to bad no update for GTK 3.8... :(

Oh sad... - Mar 25 2014

GTK3/4 Themes by nale12 18 comments

Nice work!

But the contrast is off, the white is to bright and the text not so visible, please make it a little darker and it will be really great! - Mar 25 2014
Dorian Theme

GTK3/4 Themes
by hellokitten

9   Apr 26 2014

GTK3/4 Themes
by blue-dxca93

3   Apr 26 2014