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Sweet cursors

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Jun 12 2020
10 the best - Jun 28 2020

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Aug 19 2017
Nice! - Aug 17 2017
United GNOME

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Nov 22 2017
I just updated it. The old (but tweaked) window buttons are back and Arch along with a couple other variants don't have a background on dash to panel. - Jul 28 2017
Well, the funny thing is that I got rid of them because they were the same buttons used in the Arc theme. I'll fix the egg (you're using dash to panel?) and upload a version with the old buttons. - Jul 28 2017
What about them? The square for the maximize icon? The circle around the icons being gone? I don't mind changing them if people don't like them. - Jul 28 2017
Sure. I forgot Debian ships with GNOME, actually. The icon can be replaced by replacing the something-launcher.svg file in the shell theme's assets folder but the coloring is hardcoded, sorry about that. There's only so many variants that can be available until it becomes unfeasible. - Jun 12 2017
Thanks. There'll be a compact variant eventually, sorry for the wait. - Jun 03 2017
United-Dark's Shell theme is opaque. United with no suffix has transparency. Maybe you're using the dark variant for the Shell theme? - Jun 03 2017
It's been fixed. - Jun 03 2017
The dark variant's Shell theme is opaque. The themes with no prefix are dark with transparency. You might be using the wrong one. - Jun 03 2017
It's been fixed. - Jun 03 2017
This is a GTK3 theme. I've seen people mention ways to get around QT applications standing out but that's all the help I can provide, sorry. - Jun 03 2017
Fixed. - Jun 03 2017
Thanks. There'll be a compact variant soon enough, sorry for the wait. - Jun 03 2017
I don't understand. Are you using Unity? - May 15 2017
I haven't come across that issue. Maybe it's some funny extension interaction? - May 11 2017
That's on purpose, it's supposed to be gold. - May 11 2017
I think it looks cool but I'll think about it. Maybe have arrow indicators the way Unity 7 did it. - May 10 2017
That actually looks pretty snazzy! I just based the launcher off of Unity 8's - May 08 2017
Try editing the index.theme file for the icon pack you were using and adding "gnome" (no quotes) at the end of the "inherits" line if it isn't there already. It'll pull whatever icons it doesn't have from whatever packs are listed in that line in descending order. And thanks, I'll be working on this again soon. Sorry for any open issues. - May 04 2017
What icon pack are you using? Looks like it's pointing to a symbolic icon that doesn't exist in the pack. - May 03 2017
I'll look into it after I finalize the GTK3 and GTK2 themes. - May 03 2017
The circular launcher icon only shows up if you don't have dash to dock in panel mode or if you don't have dash to dock installed. - Apr 27 2017
I don't think there is. GNOME is notorious for having no settings for customizing anything. I've been experimenting a lot with the app grid layout for Minwaita and found no way to get around the strict truncating. - Apr 26 2017
You didn't do anything wrong. What does "gnome-shell --version" return in a terminal? It looks like you might be using an unsupported version, that's all. - Apr 25 2017
Good catch, I'll work on that. - Apr 24 2017
That isn't a problem on my end. That's the extension. Regardless, I did some tweaking. - Apr 23 2017
Thanks. Most themes are a couple of SCSS files that compile to CSS. I'm still getting a hang of it, but SCSS is actually pretty awesome. What's the real nightmare is inheritance, GTK3 doesn't let you enforce rules with "!important" like regular CSS, unfortunately. - Apr 23 2017
Can you send a screenshot? On my end the address text is white against a white background. I haven't been testing Nemo but quick fix until I can get around to fixing that:

.nemo-window .primary-toolbar .text-button{
color: #E95420;

.nemo-window .primary-toolbar .text-button image{
padding: 0 7px 0 0;}

I also messed up the upload earlier so maybe you could try redownloading it. - Apr 19 2017
Thanks for letting me know. A fix for that won't come anytime soon since I'll be busy for the next couple of days but this seems to be a temporary fix (but there are hiccups: the highlighted text is a bit hard to read) for a common problem:

sudo nano /etc/profile.d/
type in: export SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk
Log out and log back in and the button issue (at least) should be fixed. Sorry. - Apr 19 2017
That'll require some tinkering. You'll need to enable and go into the Dynamic Panel Transparency extension's settings:

Under Foreground: enable custom text colouring. Tick "Use when a window is maximized."

Set Primary Colour to #FFFFFF and Secondary Colour to #606060. Now click "Background" and tick "Enable custom panel color" and change panel colour to #F4F4F4.

Now after you do this the app menu icon will be a bit screwy if you have it on so you'll need to go into the gnome-shell.css file, look for ".app-menu-icon" and underneath that there should be a line with "color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7;", change that to "color: #606060;" - Apr 19 2017
Thanks! - Apr 18 2017
I've never actually used LibreOffice. Is that close button supposed to be there? Either way, I've fixed both of those issues. - Apr 18 2017
Run: "sudo apt install humanity-icon-theme" in a terminal. Select Humanity as the icon pack in Tweak Tool.
Then run "sudo gedit /usr/share/icons/Humanity/index.theme"

There'll be a line with "Inherits=Adwaita,hicolor", add the name of the icon pack you want to use before Adwaita. You can do that with any icon theme. Humanity will fallback on those icon packs in that order in case it doesn't have an icon for something. - Apr 16 2017
The default font for the shell is Ubuntu, you'll need to set everything else to use the Ubuntu font using tweak tool. I'm using an svg file for the ubuntu logo now, that should be cleared up. - Apr 16 2017
Where? - Apr 16 2017
Uhh. I actually didn't mean to upload that. I was about to until I noticed the headerbar problem in Chrome. Uploaded files get uploaded even if you don't hit save, apparently. I'm really sorry! I'm working on all the problems now. - Apr 16 2017
I don't know why I didn't think of that to be honest. It'll be change in the next version. - Apr 14 2017
The purple or the Flat-Plat base? Because I can easily make a purple variant. And... I might be going back to Flat-Plat as I sorted out my issue with it. It's very Material heavy so I was just spending a lot of time stripping away just that (in the wrong place) - Apr 14 2017
I plan on all that when everything is tidied up. - Apr 14 2017

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Nov 26 2017
Thanks! I'll work on it. I'll probably just make a compact variant. - Jul 21 2017
Capitaine Cursors

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Feb 19 2020
Are you tried copying the xcursors folder (found in the bin folder) into the icons folder? - May 06 2017

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Jun 23 2019
Wow! Looks really nice, great job. - May 04 2017

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Nov 26 2017
I'm so dumb. It's been fixed. - May 02 2017
For the GTK3 theme there's three window button variants (no custom buttons, OSX and the original Vertex icons). For the Shell, the borders around the system menu actions in the aggregate menu (power, lock, etc.) have been removed.

The changelog didn't (and continues to) not go through. Sorry about that. In the future you can check the releases page on Github for it. - Apr 30 2017
Wow. I really the result. It lends a really elegant look to the titlebar but I think that's the problem. Too much flair. I'll probably fork Minwaita without self imposed constraints so maybe I could use it for that. - Apr 27 2017
No, that was my mistake. The light shell css file was being used by the dark (normal) version by accident. I've corrected that and you can redownload the archive. Sorry about that. - Apr 26 2017
That's a great idea. I came out with this:

.icon-grid {
spacing: 0px;
-shell-grid-horizontal-item-size: 96px;
-shell-grid-vertical-item-size: 64px;
.overview-icon-with-label{text-align: center;} // the label container
.overview-icon-with-label:last-child{spacing: 48px;} // the label itself
.overview-icon { icon-size: 64px;}
Which looks fantastic but folders end up looking weird. I'd try and correct that but looking glass doesn't let you select anything in "All", only "Frequent" and I don't think folders end up there so... sigh. I'll upload this theme onto Github as well so you can contribute if you find a way to get around that. - Apr 21 2017
Have you tried it? I want to know because I haven't had anyone let me know if it's not working with anything under 3.20. It might for all I know, I've only verified that it works on 3.20 and up. Adwaita Compact (what this is built on top of) has a 3.16 version posted on GitHub. I can just make the same changes I made with this version if you'd like. - Apr 20 2017
Yikes. Those errors are normal, they are things I need to fix on my end and yes, the scrollbar is a bit too small. I'll update the theme soon enough but for the time being, adding this at the end of gtk.css should help with the scrollbar being too small:

min-width: 20px;

scrollbar contents{
min-width: 18px;
} - Apr 18 2017
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9   Aug 17 2017
Human Shell Theme

Gnome Shell Themes
by umayanga

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9   Apr 21 2017