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Gonzalo Nemmi Cap. Fed., Buenos Aires, Argentina
Spring & Fall Fractal

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Apr 02 2009
Excellent piece of work !
Superlative selection of colours and paterns ... It's just about _perfect_ for me. Congratulations on an outstanding work!!

If possible, could you please upload a 1280x800 version so I can use it on my notebook without stretching or deforming the picture??

My sincere "Thank you" and please keep posting your work ! - Apr 09 2009
STDIN Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 94 comments

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Feb 08 2009
"equivalent to clear command" ...
That one is on me ...
It's gonna a take a little time but _it_will_be_there_ - Feb 12 2009
Actually .. unless there is a "standard" or a "it should be done this way and not that other" kind of document publically available and of the mandatory reading kind, then I like your implementation better ....

Now that I think of it .. if there was a standard .. then, as you said ... "plasma should implement a widget for this... so we wouldn't have to duplicate the code" .. but they haven't !!!

Hence .. you are free to do your will :)

If you ask me?:

I go with your "heading" unless Aaron tells you to remove it and to get back to the flock XD

Un abrazo! - Feb 12 2009


look awesome .. altough

looks incredible well too .. and may even blend better with the rest of the default desktop look and feel ... :s - Feb 12 2009
I'm already working on the icon :D
If you have any ideas or would like to share your thoughts about how should it look like or maybe even a draft or a sketch of it, feel free to contact me ;) - Feb 12 2009
Use take a look at my profile and contact me via jabber or and I'll be more than pleased to help you in contributing with a translation :) - Feb 10 2009
"...a good substitute of kima applet..."

So much so that it even has the same Spanish (also did pt_BR and fr_FR) translator ;) - Feb 09 2009
FreeBSD Wallpaper 1280x1024

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Mar 25 2007
sure .. I understand :)
But if you manage to do it, I'll _greatly_ appreciate it =)

Maybe, if it's in your reach, you could post the SVG or whatever other source you can provide so others can rezise it at will (1280x800 comes to my mind right now, since that's default for most laptops) or change the format to .bmp or .pcx so it can be used as a splashscreen ;)

Anyways .. thanks .. really =) - Jun 23 2008
Your walpaper is awesome!
please consider adding a 1600x1200 version of it, along with a version without the horny bal, so I can use the _no_horny_ball_ as a kdm wallpaper and the original as a kde wallpaper !

Please, please, please??

Will be waiting for your answer =)
Thanks for your work!

Blessings - Jun 23 2008
My FreeBSD

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May 03 2008
could you please tell me what superkaramba theme are you using?

and how did you get q4 to work?
it bails out on 7.0 :s

[gonzalo@inferna ~]% linux-quake4
/usr/local/lib/quake4/quake4.x86: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/local/lib/ ELF file OS ABI invalid
[gonzalo@inferna ~]% locate
[gonzalo@inferna ~]%

Thanks =) - Jun 17 2008

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Apr 04 2008
Times change and so do monitors ..
Could you please upload a 1600x1200 (4:3) version of Berkeley?
It would be my default wallpaper again =)

Thanks for your work! - Jun 11 2008
Thanks a lot for the 1280x800 res wallpapers rcbell!
Got "finland" on my desktop and it looks awesome !
Thanks for your work =D - May 30 2006
Dude .. I've been here for a looooooong time ... and this is the very first thing that got me posting in, at least, a year or so ...

Please keep up the good work !
kde-look depends on it ... and lately, the good work has only showed up in here in really few .. and far between occasions ..

btw: could you please add 1280x800 res versions of both wallpapers?? (1280x800 is default res for 15.4 inches notebook's monitors)

Thanks ! - May 28 2006
Doom 3 Hell - Guardian (Beryl animated skydome)

Beryl/Emerald Themes 8 comments

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Mar 05 2007
I do!
Thanks a lot !! - Mar 05 2007

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Oct 29 2007
going HAL is a real downer and ( at least to me ) it turns Kpowersave into just "another" solution, stripping it from what made it different ..

powersave was EXACTLY the way to go .. and to tell you the truth, knowing why Kpowersave is going HAL is what makes everything even worse. It makes me feel like mediocrity and disdain won once again.

Good luck Dany - Nov 04 2006
I meant 350 Mhz =P
damn keyboard ... - Mar 11 2006
Is it possible for the CPU frequency policy schemes to be inverted??

I mean .. if I choose "Performance" my cpu will run at 30Mhz .. but if I choose "Powersave" it'll run at 2.8 Ghz XD

Note: I have a P4 2.8 with HT and the p4-clockmod is loaded ( i didn't even know that it existed .. I thought i had no frequency scaling until I read the documents that come with powersave. /etc/powersave/cpufreq is cofigured according README.P4 )

see ya ! - Mar 11 2006
First: thanks for your interest in my post, for your kind answer, for adding lcd brightness support to kpowersave, and for asking what else do I miss ... I really aprecciate that .. =D

Second: long post coming your way XD

Yes, we all have omnibook compatible notbooks, it's just that most users don't know it yet =P

It's sad that the omnibook kernel module is not as developed as it deserves to be (I mean, there's an awfull lot of omnibook compatible notebook out there ... *most* toshiba satellites and even some Tecras, like A3, a lot of Hp's notebooks, Acer notebooks, etc, etc, etc ... ).

Maybe someday, novell or red hat, or some corporation with enough men power for that matter, will realize that half of the notebooks out there need this module, and not acpi, ac, battery, fan, button, etc, etc ... As it stand, the omnibook kernel module hasn't had any real development for more than a year now (except for the "unload" issue in 2.6.x kernels) and it really needs it in some areas.

Anyway, What other than lcd brightness are you missing?

Toogle lcd backlight on/off support ... that's power saving! =D

Others? ... Mmmm, well, according to your descrption of kpowersave, it can:

- applet icon with information about AC state, battery fill and battery (warning) states
- applet tooltip with information about battery fill and remaining battery time/percentage
- KPowersave contains a detailed information dialog (on left mouse button on the applet icon):
* CPU Frequency information
* Battery information
* Current scheme and CPU Freq. policy, AC state, powersave state

It would be really interesting if kpowersave could get the all those values from the omnibook kernel module instead of getting them from some place else ( /proc/acpi/* ? ... I really don't know where it gets them from ... sorry =( ) if it finds that there's an omnibbok kernel module present on the system ( just like cpuinfo does ) ktoshiba devel is also working on something like that ). The values under /proc/acpi/* , for example, are usually bogus on machines that have dsdt issues or that should be running the omnibook kernel module ( all of those with Phoenix bioses ?? ). That way, i could get rid of most acpi (acpi, battery, ac, fan, etc .. ) related modules and get to use omnibook instead ( which, does report more accurate values, at least in my case, and presumably in most other cases and is more features rich ) thus avoiding the loading of unnecessary kernel modules.

Thanks for reading =)
And just in case you need some extra info, well, you can find me here, or in my mail/im addresses.

See ya =D - Mar 09 2006
Hi !

It seem's like a pretty interesting app ..

I was wondering ... does it have support for the omnibook kernel module?? (

Thanks you =) - Mar 08 2006
going SuSE

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Oct 19 2006
I ain't going suse anytime soon .. or ever .. but still: WOW!

Really nicely put together piece of work! - Oct 13 2006
I and my body

People 292 comments

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Dec 27 2006
thanks for fixing the kde.jpg download
you really are a sight to behold ... - Sep 11 2006
The new set is really nice .. you look even more beautiful ...
I can't donwload the one that says KDE though =( - Sep 11 2006
yup .. I could use a 1280x800 wallpaper too .. that'd be nice .. stretching wallpapers sucks. - Sep 07 2006
I doubt it's as scarring or traumatic for a child to be exposed to a naked woman as it is to be taught that the naked body is something that should be hidden and embarrassed about.

Well ... that makes two of us.

I was going to say this is irrelevant but knowledge of sex is still knowledge.

Pretty clever of you not taking that bait ;)
Sorting out whether a given kind of knowledge is or is not relevant carries huge risks ... and has failed miserably in the past. It has actually costed lives ...

I don't think I would want any child of mine to be looking at pictures of nude women, much less placing them on their desktop.

And so wouldn't I. That's why I don't let third parties the control on what my childrens are exposed to. That control is on me, and only on me.

So, what's the solution? I don't think should have an XXX section of the site


All very admirable, but this is not the place to post such pictures.

It's not really clear what you mean by "such" and how that concept of "such" fits into the concept of "art" ... or are you willing to state that "art" is only "art" if it fits into the boundaries of some undetermined limits (namely: a "such")?

Yet the answer to the question "why should free expression be cercenated in order to let uncareful parents not to fulfill their legal duties and responsabilities" is something that _still_ really eludes me. - Sep 05 2006
Wouldn't it be easier if those children's parents looked after him and took the apropiate measures to prevent their children for getting a glimps of such an obscenity as human nudity?

After all .. aren't those parents responsable for the caring and education of their children?

The answer to why free expression should be cercenated in order to let uncareful parents not to fulfill their legal duties and responsabilities is something that really eludes me.

Should libraries not carry certain books only beacuse uncarefuly raised children may take a peek on them?

Should Video stores not carry certain products only beacuse uncarefuly raised children may take a peek on them?

Should the internet turn itself into a children's playground and all the knowledge shared whithin it be only as complex as a child can understand, because otherwise children might not comprehend what it means and thus missinterpret it?

Wouldn't it be much easier if those who brought life to this world, took care of it as they are supposed to?

Wouldn't it be a lot less harmfull to everybody's rights if those parents took the time and the effort to do as they are supposed to do? - Sep 04 2006
is there something in your brain that doesn't work?
grow up dude .. really .. get some books, read some more .. try to learn for past mistakes .. take history seriously .. go to school and try to make something useful out of your life.
try at least to grab the meaning of the word porn before using it to point your inquisitionist at people - Sep 04 2006
You registered in August 13 2006 and you already got tired??
In a month?? Really?? Do you really mean that??

Dude .. cut the crap and go back to whatever you were doing ... Really .. Try and have some respect for the other posters. - Sep 04 2006
As far as I'm concerned .. keep'em coming !

I just can't refrain myself from beholding a beatiful woman's body!

BTW: I can't donwload the "newest" wallpapers .. it asks me for a user and a password, but I don't see them in your post :S

See ya, and thanks for sharing that marvelous figure of yours with the rest of us ! - Sep 04 2006
I've got to say that you and your body look mighty fine to me ...
I did like zielonomi.jpg better than the other pictures though. - Sep 03 2006
Wanted (parody)

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Sep 03 2006
you rule !
thank you !! - Sep 03 2006
it is possible and that's what I did .. the problem is that it doesn't look any good after resizing it. - Sep 03 2006
Thanks for your work !
Can you create a 1280x800 version so I can use it on my notebook? - Sep 03 2006
Kima - kicker monitoring applet

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 360 comments

by kenws
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Aug 20 2007
Thanks for fixing the omnibook glitch !
Here you will find the newest Conectiva 10 packages.

Ken, have you tried getting cpuinfo into kde?

see ya ! - Aug 29 2006
well .. damn forum got rid of the extra whitespaces .. so the above example is useless ... but for you to know, there are like 12 whitespaces between the ":" and the "44 C"
- Aug 26 2006
Hi there ken.
As usual, cpuinfo rules ... but I'm having a bit of a problem with 0.5
Everything works as expected, except for the fact that it won't get rid of the extra whitespaces on the omnibook output.

$ cat /proc/omnibook/temperature
CPU temperature: 44 C

cpuinfo will show

Omnibook:CPU 44 C

which is kinda long for the applet =s

BTW: is it possible to get rid of the "Omnibook" tag?

Except from that, it rules and I don't quite understand why it is not part of KDE.

See ya ! - Aug 26 2006
Read the installation instructions again ...
You are supposed tu run "make -f Makefile.cvs" before running "./configure" and "make"

see ya - Jan 11 2006
is your jabber address functional?
I'd like to get in touch with you to discuss a few things about cpuinfo.

Gonzalo - Jan 04 2006
Both of you, do a "make -f Makefile.cvs" before ./configure.
It would be like this:

make -f Makefile.cvs
su -
make install - Jan 04 2006

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Aug 20 2015
Thanks for the tip H.c !

Sorry for not posting before, I just saw your answer =s

see ya ! - Apr 05 2006
i just realize that knemo is now kde 3.5 ... =s

sorry - Apr 03 2006
kde 3.3.2
qt3 3.3.3 - Apr 03 2006
got this

then mv -f ".deps/interfacetray.Tpo" ".deps/interfacetray.Plo"; else rm -f ".deps/interfacetray.Tpo"; exit 1; fi
interfacetray.cpp: In member function `void InterfaceTray::showAboutDialog()':
interfacetray.cpp:125: error: `setProgramLogo' undeclared (first use this
interfacetray.cpp:125: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
for each function it appears in.)
make[4]: *** [interfacetray.lo] Error 1

see ya =) - Apr 03 2006
United colors of linux

Wallpaper Other 9 comments

by ja5on
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Mar 06 2006
I do, thank you !!
Any chance you can publish a 1280x800 version (native resolution for most 15.4 inches notebooks)?

Thanks =) - Mar 07 2006

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Nov 25 2006
That's because python is trying to load a module (kdecore) but it can not find it ...

Most likely cause? you don't have it installed ...

The module you need is PyKDE. Browse the cds that you used to install your given linux distro, and look for it, or get it from here:

I highly recommend you to install it from your cds ...

see ya =) - Jan 15 2006
Firefox Default Crystal skin

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 8 comments

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Dec 27 2005
It worked =)
Pretty nice theme !

thank you guys =) - Dec 27 2005
but i haven't been able to find the way to install it :s
how can i install this?
I couldn't find the Install button anywhere on firefox =(

tnx - Dec 27 2005
Simple todo list

Various KDE Stuff 18 comments

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Dec 13 2005
aaammmmmmmmmm ... there's a picture of two chicks in your code ... todolist/images/yo7.png


and BTW, i came across this while compiling under kde 3.3.2

main.cpp: En function `int main(int, char**)':
main.cpp:10: aviso: `__comp_ctor' is deprecated (declared at

see ya =) - Dec 07 2005
Really nice app =)
EXTREMLY well documented code !!
Thanks for the Ksystemtray adition ;)
And for getting it to store its files under .todolist

keep it up ! - Dec 07 2005

System Software 100 comments

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Jun 09 2007
you guys really don't know Kconfigure,( ) which, BTW, does support checkinstall, advanced user options like configure prefix (./configure --prefix=/usr), and LOTS of other stuff ?? - Oct 14 2005

System Software
by soulrebel

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Apr 23 2009
STDIN Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions
by PlasmaFactory

Score 79.3%
Feb 12 2009