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sonu jha
Ubuntu XPerience

GDM Themes by pithyus 4 comments

again some stuff that goes windowish.and,why criticize them? - Jan 30 2009

GTK2 Themes by boy23arg 11 comments

even win98 looks better.xp was released way back,and was much better.even the ugly human theme loks you really like your theme? - Jan 22 2009
Yakano -Colors-

Compiz Themes by ottlux 59 comments

yeah,i got that.but,how do i make use of that qt4 settings file? - Jan 20 2009
Yakano -Colors-

Compiz Themes by ottlux 59 comments

i know how to install beryl themes,i wanna know how do i install qtcurve settings.emerald draws only borders.but,i want the windows to look just as sexy as they are in the preview. - Jan 19 2009
Yakano -Colors-

Compiz Themes by ottlux 59 comments

but,how do i install all that?how do i get beautiful windows like the one shown in the preview?how do i install those qtcurve settings? - Jan 18 2009

GTK2 Themes by perenoel 25 comments

please please invest your canny knack in making a theme that looks as pretty as aero,but does not resemble it in any way.tell me,was aero the last good theme that could be made.yeah,aero is a very good theme.why not have something equally good or even better on linux,but something absolutely original,something with glossy panel,glossy menus,glossy stripe(the one that contains file,edit,etc.)?why copy someone's work?why give microsoft a chance to claim that a number of linux themes imitate its native aero? - Jan 18 2009