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Robert Stefaniuk
SnowIsh GDM

GDM Themes by saki 4 comments

It's too much white, pale, blended themes here. Almost all such projects get excellent ratings and admiration. Well, I am not attracted by such themes and vote against. - Dec 27 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by bmzf 56 comments

This icon set reminds standard GNOME icons and is in gnome simple and clear style. This is great contribution to this enviroment. - Dec 27 2005
Water Vapor

GTK2 Themes by monchichi 75 comments

The 0.6 version is simplier, yet much better than previous ones.
You may look for sth different as a title bar. The current one is to blended and pale, it looks "sick". Currently, I combine it with "Lush" or "Wasp" titlebar ( which are from Gnome-extras themes ).
Also, radio buttons are too much blended, it should be less foggy. The ones from 0.5 version were better, but not very good either.
Scroll bar is a different class in comparison with 0.5 version. Two thumbs up!
Also you could consider modifying shadows on panels and toolbars, they start now in the middle on panel/toolbar and both edges are bright. It looks unnatural. Shadow IMO should be on the very bottom and maybe occupy the smaller area of the bar.
Dont keep us wait long for new versions :) Also, maybe provide some variations to choose from, as other guys do. - Nov 16 2005

GTK2 Themes by qhasz 16 comments

the grey part of titlebar with maximize/minimize buttons is thicker than the blue with window title. It should be equally thick. My suggestion is to make it even thinner. It would make the top edge curved at the right end. Do such two versions and i will be grateful :) - Apr 25 2005
Ghost Cursors

Cursors by amasella 12 comments

Simple and beautiful.
Best thing for me is the idea with stretching cursors: cursor behaves like alive object :)
Fits well to white icons: 3da, Edge.
Thanks!!! Now maybe try something more arrow-like :-) - Mar 10 2005

GTK2 Themes by mpetzoldt 15 comments

Hmmm. For me, yellow highlit is the best here. The most interesting idea :) - Feb 23 2005

GTK2 Themes by silenteef 4 comments

We should ask professional artist about colours usage here. In my opinion they does't match. For me, background in Nautilus looks bad in 90% situations. On the screenshots realy different colors are mixed together, and it doesn't look good I think... - Feb 23 2005

GTK2 Themes by mpetzoldt 15 comments

Phacile beige & green works good with:
"Gold X Cursor" cursor theme.
"Kreski lines" icon theme ( by the way "kreski" means "lines" in polish :) )
This wallpaper:
And perhaps other wallpapers ;)
And perhaps this information is redundant here :) - Feb 20 2005

GTK2 Themes by silenteef 8 comments

Not enough wood in it. Where is the wood structure? Only the name reminds me wood :) - Feb 19 2005

GTK2 Themes by arctic 15 comments

It seems that I like themes with integrated title bar. GREAT THEME!
I reccomend using it with GNANT Icon theme from this page.
Can't wait to see updates.
Do you plan to make new scrollbars and selection buttons? Present ones are simple & clear, but It would be interesting to provide also more eye-cathing version.
So hurry up ;)
The rate is too low, you deserve ~80% - Feb 19 2005