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Feb 12 2007
Sorry everyone, but due to personal circumstances, I'm off the air for the next week or so. - Mar 13 2007
Sorry, I cannot help you here. All KBoincMgr does is to send a signal to the Boinc client to tell it to display the graphics. Whether that signal is acted upon is outside the control of KBoincMgr.

May I suggest that you ask this question on the Bulletin Board for the project that you are having trouble with?

Just a note: Whilst I know that some of these displays are quite nice to watch, they do take a _lot_ of cycles, cycles that could be used doing the project's science. It is for this reason that I do not activate them. And because I don't use them I don't have the motivation to solve any problems relating to them. Sorry, and I mean that, but that's the reality of the situation.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, I hope you solve this problem. Good luck! - Mar 08 2007
  1. Re your team site message - I had a look at that and for all the information I got from it it might as well have been written in another language. ;)

    Thanks for the publicity! :))

  2. Re suspending net activity - will think about it.

  3. Re Polish translation - yes, would be happy to include that.

    Unfortunately, I do not know how you go about coding it. So, if you find out please send me the translation file and I'll include it in a new release.

Thanks for your interest and input - it's greatly appreciated! - Feb 20 2007
Please try release 0.3.0 as this has a message filtering facility.

The suspend CPU activity can be accomplished by using the "Suspend project" button on the Projects view. - Feb 12 2007
Hmm, I think you would also have some colour problems with other apps as well. The colours I use are standard system colours - HTML link visited, active & etc.

However, I realise that there can be some problems here. I am working on Release 0.3 which will address this issue.

Regarding filters: the new release will have an extensive message filtering system - selected messages can be hidden, only those messages will be shown or the selected messages can be displayed in a separate colour.

As for the other features? Not sure what is possible / what I have time to do. Watch this space! - Feb 04 2007

Release 0.2.3 did not address a problem regarding scrolling in the Statistics view when there are a _large_ number of projects. This has necessitated a re-think of the whole approach to selecting the project and statistics graph.

I have just release version 0.2.4 which addresses this issue (and others). - Feb 04 2007

I have just release version 0.2.3 which addresses the problems you have been experiencing. All views containing buttons should now scroll as expected.

Thx for your input. - Jan 30 2007

KboincMgr is working but it's very slow and slowing/freezing my machine.

Are you using KBoincMgr to manage the machine on which KBoincMgr is running? If so, I have had this happen to me. There appears to be some problem in the TCP/IP software that hangs the KBoincMgr process. The good news is that it only hangs KBoincMgr and not the entire machine. And it does wake up again. This problem does not happen when connecting to remote boinc clients.

I can't resize the window vertically, as if the window was bigger than my screen.

Is the KBoincMgr window larger that your screen and you cannot see the title bar? If so, press the Alt key and left mouse button simultaneously and drag the KBoincMgr window so that you can see the title bar. Then just click on the Maximise button. - Jan 25 2007

This seems to be a problem with the boinc client connecting to the X server. You may find some extra messages in <path_to_BOINC>/slots/<n>/stderr.txt.

If you Google around you will find a few references to this problem. I have had a brief look but none of the suggested solutions work for me (xhost +local:).

BTW, KBoincMgr does not discriminate between Windows and *nix hosts - it cant as it doesn't know. So, the fact the Windows graphics works shows that KBoingMgr is sending the "right stuff" to the boinc client.

Please, if you do find a solution would you please post it here. - Jan 18 2007
One more thing, as with most KDE applications, the columns can be re-ordered simply by dragging the column header via the left mouse button. And, of course, the sort order can be specified by clicking on the column header.

And the best part? KBoincMgr restores your preferences on startup - like all good apps should! ;) - Jan 13 2007

Regardling the project buttons: When one of those buttons is pressed the following command is executed

/usr/bin/kfmclient newTab

You _must_ have kfmclient installed as its part of kdebase; but is it installed in /usr/bin? try which kfmclient. If it is in /usr/bin try the following command from konsole

kfmclient newTab

If that works, I'm not sure what the problem is.

Of course, the next version of KBoincMgr will not make any assumptions about the location of kfmclient, it will search $PATH. - Jan 12 2007
  1. I will probably not be changing the layout. But, are you aware that you can resize the pane in each view?
  2. Can you be more specific regarding the buttons that don't work. All buttons are OK for me.
- Jan 11 2007
Hi Long Sufferring Users,

When I wrote the documentation I assumed that the users of KBoincMgr would already be using the standard boincmgr and would have no trouble in configuring and using KBoincMgr.


So, to right my wrongs...

  1. It is best to specify a GUI RPC Authorisation (read password). The easiest way to do this is:

    echo >path_to_BOINC/gui_rpc_auth.cfg

    on each machine that you want to manage. The password can / should be different for each machine.

  2. Select a TCP port to be used by KBoincMgr to communicate with the client BOINC processes. The standard port is 1043 but if any of your machines are directly connected to the Internet, you may want to use another port. Regardless, you should restrict access to the port to your machine running KBoincMgr via your firewall. You can use a different port for each of your machines.

  3. You must run your boinc client process with the arguments "-allow_remote_gui_rpc -gui_rpc_port ".

  4. Start KBoincMgr on one of your machines. (That machine can also be running an instance of the boinc client.)

  5. Invoke the "Connect to client" dialog and complete as follows:
    1. Client name: The DNS name or IP address of the machine running a boinc client that is to be managed
    2. Port number: The TCP port number selected as per the above for that machine
    3. GUI RPC Authorisation: The password that you selected for that machine in step (1)

  6. It would help if you
    1. Chant 5 invocations to your favourite god;
    2. Don your wizard cape; and
    3. Cross your legs, fingers and any other parts of your anatomy that you deem appropriate.

  7. Press the OK button. If all goes well, a button will appear in the left most panel and a series of tabbed widgets in the right one. If the inevitable happens, check network connectivity, eg, firewalls, IP addresses & etc.

I am aware that the documentation is a bit out-of-date - but it should still be useful. I will update it and release a new version ASAP. - Jan 10 2007
The problem is caused by an incorrect version of the source tarball. You can either "make clean" after the "./configure" or download the updated bz2 file.

Sorry! (I've given myself a severe talking to and a couple of uppercuts.) - Jan 08 2007
For the people who had trouble with aclocal and automake when trying to build previous versions, would they please try Release 0.2.1 and report any problems.

Cheers - Jan 07 2007
Sorry folks.

Due to the small number of downloads I assumed that the was no interest in this facility.

I still continue to use it and have fixed a few bugs and added some minor enhancements. I will release the new version early in the New Year after the "silly season". - Dec 18 2006
Hmm, this is a tricky one.

I developed KBoincMgr using KDevelop just so I didn't have to worry about the back art of Makefiles and etc. The Makefile that I distribute is created by KDevelop and obviously is tailored for my Fedora Core 4/5 system. (I started developing KBoincMgr months ago when I was using FC4 - I've since upgraded to FC5.)

KDevelop seems to have some unnatural liking for aclocal-1.6 and automake-1.6. Newly created projects refer to them even though the latest versions on my system are:

aclocal --version
aclocal (GNU automake) 1.9.6

automake --version
automake (GNU automake) 1.9.6

I'm extremely reluctant to mess with this aspect of the project. Does anyone have any suggestions? - Aug 18 2006
Please see comments at the top - especially the one that says "Please check back in a few days when the full software will be available". - Aug 15 2006

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Jan 17 2006
Thank you for the time and effort you have put into this. It's very nice to know that one's effort is appreciated to that extent. - Jan 31 2006
Release 2.1 now has this functionality - although it wasn't as easy as it first appeared. With the nmap process running as a child (grandchild actually) of the kdesu process instead of the Knmap process, capturing the nmap output was a little tricky.

I also took the opportunity to add the option to word-wrap the nmap output.

Thx for your suggestion. - Jan 17 2006
Hmm, interesting suggestion. Watch this space! - Jan 15 2006
Thx for the prompt action - much appreciated! - Jan 13 2006
Not sure who looses.

Me for not getting the $4500 or Google for paying someone $4500 for something I did in less than two weeks.

(Yes, I really do know who lost! :( ) - Nov 10 2005
Done - oversight on my behalf. - Nov 08 2005
amaroK Web Frontend

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Dec 18 2005
I switched from SQLite to MySQL for just this type of functionality. You've saved me the effort of writing my own. - Dec 18 2005