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May 17 2020
+ great work - Oct 20 2018
I'm glad to help, the theme is great! - Oct 20 2018
the link to the materia theme - Oct 20 2018
After replacing the buttons section in gtk.css with the button section of Materia-Dark theme, the issue is resolved; there's no cpu or gpu usage with the taskbar plugins any more.
Seems that something in your button section is triggering the high cpu/gpu usage from xfce panel plugins. - Oct 20 2018
Andre Miranda editbugs 2018-10-20 04:54:39 CEST
I found that any plugin that uses GtkButton (or any of its descendants) displays the high cpu usage.
Even sample-plugin misbehaves if "gtk_label_new (_("Sample"));" gets replaced by "gtk_button_new_with_label (_("Sample"));".
Wrapping the button in a GtkBox makes no difference.

Probably the theme is doing something bizarre with buttons and needs an exception to buttons in xfce4-panel, just a random guess.

Goran Janković 2018-10-20 10:16:59 CEST
Perf profiling and a slight increase in the gpu temperature when using a problematic plugin show that the gpu is also being used.
The theme has a lot of animations.
Maybe some animation doesn't work right for GtkButton in the panel and constantly triggers a redraw or something. Just guessing too.
Anyway, I will notify the theme developer of your findings.

The comments above are from the ticked I filed on the XFCE bugzilla. - Oct 20 2018
Ok, I found out something interesting - the issue has to do with /usr/lib/xfce/panel/wrapper-2.0 and panel plugins. If I remove the pulse audio plugin and whisker menu plugin, the issue is resolved. I will look further for the solution and hopefully post a solution here. - Oct 18 2018
I am having a problem when using the themes on XFCE. The problem is high cpu usage - an entire core is used all the time, Xorg process is using it. I don't know how to troubleshoot the issue further, if I can help I'd be glad to, I really like the theme. - Oct 18 2018
Ultimate Dark

GTK3 Themes
by bolimage

Score 90.3%
9   Oct 20 2018
+ great work