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Egor Golubkin Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation
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by gorin
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Jun 29 2011
I am successful build project in vs2008.
1) create *.pro file: qmake -tp vc
2) open project in vs and build.

I can recommend:
reseat vs2008 or build project in qtcreator
- Dec 18 2011
In jast moment i try build project in vs2008. Later, i am public link for download project for vs2008. - Dec 16 2011
Give me your code, and i fix this mistake. - Nov 20 2011
I fix this mistakes - Jan 13 2011
You are second people with this problem. Please check port settings on output/input devices. If (OK)? write me your:
1) port settings;
2) number of bits in seconds, provided your communications protocol;
3) OS;
3) data pack for testing, or log file with comments.

Write me on this site, or mail "help | about" in qt_comport. - Oct 20 2009