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Lisa Kelly

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Oct 01 2004

I installed the OS-L icon theme using KDE Control Center, and it's showing in the list as installed.

But when I choose it and click APPLY, the icons don't change and just seems to be using the "Crystan SVG beta1" icons instead. Can you please help me?

Thank you.

Kelly - Aug 09 2005
I installed this new icon theme.

But it doesnt seem to be using the 128x128 icons.

How can I get it to use these?

Thank you - Aug 09 2005
I installed these icons, but how do I change the icons to what I want to use?

For example, I love one of the trashcan icons in the 128x128 folder, but how can I get my Deskstop and Taskbar to actually use this icon?

Thanks - Aug 09 2005
I downloaed these icons.

But how do I now use them?

I tried to "install new theme" from Icons, but it doesnt seem to find a theme file.

Any advice please? - Aug 09 2005
I downloaded this file and when I tried to uncompress, it says its corrupted.

Can you please upload a new one?

Thank you - Aug 09 2005

There is a problem downloading this file.

IT doesn't seem to exist.

Can you please upload it.

thank you - Aug 09 2005