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hendrik grahl
Flat (Splash)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by dannya 5 comments

could we get this in a few different versions?
specifically either just saying kde 3 oder having ones for 3.3 and 3.4?

again, nice work indeed - Jun 09 2005

Full Icon Themes by dannya 31 comments

let's give this man a goddamn medal!
all it needs is just more more more. how about getting this close to the abundance that crystal svg gives?
i know, ain't that easy, but maybe i big paypal button for that man could give an incentive.
kde can really use this kind of work! - Jun 09 2005
Konqueror Web Devel

Icon Sub-Sets by gnumdk 2 comments

i really like the idea and your way to implement it, but the wheel and font definitely need to be cleaned up.

i'll play a bit with it, maybe i'll get somewhere.. - Apr 30 2005