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Gregg Belli
Alpha Cursors

Cursors by Garak128 6 comments


I really like this. I can honestly say I never though about having the different pointer states be represented merely by color.

I'm not certain I like the cursor used over text. This is on a decent quality LCD (notebook) and it can be a bit hard to notice the cursor when it's over text.

Anyway, at this time, I can't image using a theme that did more that change just the color. - Aug 20 2005

Wallpapers Debian by cyberlinux 11 comments

Could you move your website address? It's falling right behind my transparent panel (system tray) and doesn't work too well visually. - May 22 2004

Wallpapers Debian by cyberlinux 11 comments

or even 1400x1050! :)

This is really cool and I'll use it - May 22 2004
Desert Color Theme

KDE 3 Color Schemes by gullevek 2 comments

Thanks! I like this. In fact, I even went so far as to 'colorize' my icons to match. - May 13 2004
Relaxing Blue

KDE 3 Color Schemes by alexzndr 3 comments

It's not so relaxing that it puts me to sleep or anything like that :) but it's pleasant to use. (horrors, yes, I installed it before judging!)

Thank you! - Apr 27 2004

Wallpaper Other by adros 3 comments

I like it. The colors are good and while you did work a K in it, it's subtle. (I don't go for big Ks all over.)

Thank you! - May 13 2003

Various Stuff by Soyburg 9 comments

Are you using KDM? I also run Debian and didn't have this fancy logout menu. (Either from 2.2.2 in unstable or the 3.0 I compiled). Once I started using KDM I got this fancy menu thing. Nice. I'll offer no advice on running KDM on Debian though as it's always been a problem for me. - May 01 2002
Checkered Background

Wallpaper Other by thoreau 1 comment

It's nice. - Apr 30 2002