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Greg Starr
Just had to say one more time... thank you for sharing your work. I hope you continue to update it. - Mar 24 2007
This unlocks the best parts of the theme. The author should definately make note that this package needs to be installed for the theme to function correctly. All aside, this is an awesome piece of work. I hope you continue to update it. - Mar 18 2007
I forgot to mention, the buttons (controls?) are no longer working they don't get themed, also child windows (in synaptic, I've noticed so far) don't get themed. Keep up the brilliant work!!! - Oct 15 2006
Awesome theme!!! I installed a few days ago and it was almost perfect (except the firefox and ooo thing), but installing the theme again (on a different pc) there are grey areas (borders) around the taskbar buttons etc. please change it back. (firefox and ooo work with the grey bar now though) yeah, I liked it better with the black bar. can you tell me how to change it myself, maybe? - Oct 15 2006