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Guilherme de Sousa
Pekwm Leopard

Pek-WM Themes by adriano 2 comments

can you make something similar to openbox?:D

regards - Feb 14 2010
Leopard Openbox

Openbox Themes by thuban 2 comments

could you make something more similar to osx? like with the minimize,maximize, anc close buttons?

theres one pretty cool for fluxbox, but it would be great if there was one for openbox too!

regards! - Feb 14 2010
Mac4Fluxbox Graphite

Fluxbox Themes by billybibbit 1 comment

veryy nice theme really!
is there a chance you could make something similar to openbox? it would be really great:X

regards! - Feb 13 2010

Utilities by csgib 344 comments

man this is definitely a great app with great look! I was searching for an alternative for convertxtodvd untill I found your 2mandvd! I have to say that this is not an alternative to convertxtodvd but convertxtodvd is an alternative to this application if you know what I mean!:D

however I'm having some trouble when I want to create a dvd with a 16:9 original movie! If I choose PAL 16:9 the image will get too tight (the faces get really thin).
isnt there a way you can add an option that will leave the movie with the original image?

best regards! - Jan 30 2010

GTK2 Themes by ukw 1 comment

this gtk+openbox theme is amazing! I really love it! however I'm having some trouble with it, because in some windows with text (sonata, emesene conversations etc) the window gets all messy and stretched.. I cant explain it well, and I cant also send a printscreen, because whenever I select another window to use scrot or use gnome screenshot the problem disapears!

is there something you could do to fix this?! it would be really great since this is my favourite theme :X

(the problem is really the gtk theme because whenever I change to another one everything is ok)

regards! - Jan 28 2010