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Jun 01 2016
Zukitwo is back, so this will be renamed from Zukitwo reloaded to The Zukitwo Pack.
As for all your suggestions - I was lazy, I apologize, but Lassenkongo knows better than I do. - Jun 01 2016
I found some good square scrollbars that I could use, makes the theme more productive. If you want the old ones back, I can do that. - Feb 08 2016
Maybe, thanks for the suggestion!
There are not any existing ports (to GTK 3.18, there is one to gtk 3.16) to my knowledge, so I'll have to make my own. - Feb 08 2016
Since I added the new scrollbars, there has been a bug. The new square scrollbars do not work in web browsers. Any ideas on fixing? Not an experienced GTK themer. - Feb 06 2016
I'm glad you like it. It's mostly a comglomeration of numerous different people's work towards an old theme called Zukitwo, but I decided to put it together into one beautiful package. - Feb 06 2016
And... done! - Feb 06 2016
I now have 100 downloads on this. No comments though. Criticism? Thoughts? Ideas? Anyone?
Maybe I should try to change the color scheme, make it universal. That'll be in 3.18.4/3.10.4 maybe. - Feb 06 2016
Added Openbox - Feb 06 2016
I might be adding Openbox soon. - Feb 06 2016
Zukitwo reloaded 3.8-3.14 posted, 3.6 is being posted now
Bad ratings are fine, I just need feedback! - Feb 06 2016
I am adding Cinnamon and gnome-shell to the Classic versions I uploaded (which is what makes them "Reloaded").
I am getting my first ratings, not very - Feb 06 2016
GNOME 3.6-3.14 uploaded - Feb 06 2016
Will be uploading versions for GNOME 3.4, 3.8, 3.12, 3.14, and 3.16 soon - Feb 06 2016

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Nov 16 2014
Also, may I use your scrollbars in said theme? - Feb 06 2016
I found(and edited) Zukitwo for GTK 3.18: - Feb 06 2016

GTK3 Themes 364 comments

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Sep 13 2017
Actually, I recently uploaded a GTK 3.16 version of Zukitwo, which I plan to update to GTK 3.18: - Feb 06 2016
Found a Zukitwo continuation that itself was discontinued, this is my codebase now
Versions of the continuation will be here: - Feb 05 2016
Nothing GPL'd and popular is abandonware. Just saying. It's only abandonware for a year or two. - Feb 05 2016
Actually, there is a Faenza continuation (RAVE-X-CX), I'll use that. But, still, there is the possibility of Zukitwo continues
- Feb 05 2016
I use Linux Mint 17.3. When Mint 18 comes out, I might do a continuation of this and Faenza.
Zukitwo is amazing. It is the only theme I have found that is consistent and blends well, but isn't flat(a good design style, but lazy) - Feb 05 2016