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russell guzzo
Leaf Folder Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by Untergunter 5 comments

Great Icons.. Love your work :-D - Mar 29 2011
Simple CPU Meter

Plasma 4 Extensions by alexoleshkevich 6 comments

Plain and simple Thanks :-) - Mar 23 2011
Simple CPU Sensor

Plasma 4 Extensions by alexoleshkevich 38 comments

could you make a simple cpu meter for plasmoid - Mar 22 2011
yaSDP (alternative ShutDown plasmoid)

Plasma 4 Extensions by Ophys 43 comments

This is really a nice skin but I can't get it to install I'm running the latest beta KDE Do you have any ideas THANKS........ - Jun 10 2010
Equinox GTK Engine

GTK2 Themes by tiheum 257 comments

This is the best theme ubuntu ever had Awesome job THANKS.......... - Jun 06 2010