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George Wright

KDE Plasma Screenshots by gwright 2 comments

I have the 667MHz G4 w/combi drive, and everything works fine. As you can see, KDE runs on it like a treat, and it's snappy. 3D acceleration for the mobility radeon isn't totally implemented yet, but it apparently works to some extent. 2D acceleration is available.

The CD-RW and DVD drive works for burning CDs and reading data dvds (not tried video dvds yet), and the sound works great.

The gigabit ethernet works fine, and the airport card should work. PCMCIA works ok, but I haven't got it to work perfectly.

Firewire might work, I haven't tested it, and haven't looked into it. The VGA out didn't work at last check, but it might work with benh's latest kernel.

As well as all this, it's a damn powerful laptop, and looks really neat ;) - Apr 11 2002