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Jan 14 2011
Is there anything useful in WinHelp format? - Oct 24 2009
The first bug was fixed in 3.1, as soon as it was reported. If you reported it as described in documentation instead of ranting somewhere, it would be fixed three months ago.

The bookmarks bug cannot be reproduced.

Regarding your last comment - this is free project, and I spend my free time working on it. If you did some QA, and reported bugs instead of ranting here, you would help making the application better. Nothing is perfect, even NASA guys make mistakes. And blaming someone's programming skills will not help. - Jun 17 2007
I'll try it. - Feb 06 2006
Gonna fix this. - Jun 30 2005
Actually a lot of them... Anyway, I don't want to make it KDE-only.
However, I'll continue to work on better KDE integration, including everything you've mentioned. - Jun 20 2005
A lot of people do not use KDE. - Jun 10 2005
Could I have a patch? - Jun 10 2005
there is a KIO-slave. However, it is not useful outside kchmviewer.
In my opinion, it is not reasonable to make an only-KIO slave, because a lot of features will be missed (bookmarks, search in whole book and so on) - Jun 10 2005