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Aug 02 2017
Mine-Mavericks - Sep 19 2017
I'm sorry I think I would not do it in this short time in shaAllah. Gnome updates aren't friendly with theming. - Sep 19 2017
You're welcome. - Nov 22 2015
The solution is to disable the 'box-shadow' properties under '.menu,' section. It works in Ubuntu 15.10 GNOME 3.16. - Nov 15 2015
Insha Allah in the following I'll investigate it in Ubuntu. This problem also appears in Ubuntu Gnome 15.10. Thanks for reporting. - Nov 15 2015
just try it by getting rid the 'gtk-dark.css' off from '~/.theme/Mavericks/gtk-3.0/'. - Nov 15 2015
I'm sorry I don't use Elementary. - Nov 15 2015
With Fedora 23 G 3.18 it's fine and the problem doesn't occur. So I consider it as a distro-specific problem.
To solve the it, you have to disable menu transparency by following these steps:
1. gedit ~/.themes/Mavericks/gtk-3.0/gtk-widgets.css
2. find ".menu," (type without quotation marks)
3. change the "background-color" value from "alpha(@menu_bg_color, 0.95)" to "@menu_bg_color"
4. save. exit gedit.
5. restart the theme. - Nov 14 2015
This problem occurs in 3.16 and doesn't in 3.18. - Nov 14 2015
Q: font color in the title bar to make a black (or dark gray)
A: Font color is already dark gray.

Q: opaque upper panel Unity in Ubuntu
A: Unity source was purely taken from GNOME-Cupertino by trastes. I don't use Unity, unwilling to test it I'm sorry.

Q: the "hide button", "close button", "expand button" (and other elements) to make flat as in Yosemite (or El Capitan)
A: This is Mavericks, so say NO to flat. If you prefer the flatter Yosemite/El Capitan-like theme, you could go grab White theme (available in my artwork database). - Nov 12 2015

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Feb 09 2016
It's possibly due to user permission issue. - Feb 20 2016
extract the archive into ~/.themes - Feb 20 2016
Try to extract the archive again. Make sure all the files extracted correctly. - Feb 20 2016
It's LinuxMint related problem, since LinuxMint uses older GNOME backports. - Feb 15 2016
Unfortunately, this issue doesn't occur in Fedora cinnamon so I couldn't figure it out. - Feb 15 2016
Upgrade your Ubuntu to GNOME 3.18 (via PPA), In-sha-Allah that will solve your problem. - Feb 15 2016
Please make sure you extracted all the files completely. Check the extracted "White" folder. Inside of it, along with 'gnome-shell' folder, there should be other folders including 'gtk-2.0', 'gtk-3.0'.
Or else, try restarting your system.
Another attempt, try extracting the folder into '~/.themes' instead of '/usr/share/themes'. - Jan 26 2016
You're welcome. - Jan 16 2016
If you take a look at this carefully, actually this problem affects all themes (excluding Adwaita of course). This "bug" had started to occur since GNOME 3.18. I guess the problem lies in some changes of the code in GTK 3.18.
For now, I'm sorry, I'm not going to edit it. So bear with it. Or if you're annoyed by this small glitch, you could switch to "Always use editable location bar.
Thank you for your appreciation to the theme. - Jan 15 2016
Don't exaggerate things. It could be bad for your health. - Jan 13 2016
I ... guess the "tweak" you mentioned about was the Fedora logo. Am I correct? - Jan 13 2016
Thank you for your addition. Unity users may appreciate that. - Jan 08 2016
I'm sorry I don't use Unity. You can fork your own though. :) - Dec 25 2015
Since it's under "box-shadow" properties, generally, 'inset' will draw a shadow inside the border; without 'inset', shadow should be drawn outside the border (drop shadow). Yet, in this case, drop shadow outside the border could not be drawn (under ".app-notification.frame") then the error message occurred. - Dec 25 2015
Since it's under "box-shadow" properties, generally, 'inset' will draw a shadow inside the border; without 'inset', shadow should be drawn outside the border (drop shadow). Yet, in this case, drop shadow outside the border could not be drawn (under ".app-notification.frame") then the error message occurred. - Dec 25 2015
Thank you for your appreciation. :) But I think it's not that great. It's just a rip off of OS X 10.10/10.11 user interface. - Dec 24 2015
Actually that line was supposed to display outer shadow for the object. Yet, it seems GTK 3.18 doesn't support it. - Dec 24 2015
In order to remove all transparencies you just have to edit 'gtk-widgets' and disable the "make transparent" codes. You can do this by:
a) simply removing all text from '/* make transparent */' until the end of the file; OR
b) put '/*' in the beginning of '.background' section and '*/' in the end of the file ('.header-bar' section). - Nov 27 2015
You're welcome and thank you too for your appreciation. Your mod looks nice (except the Walter White icon :) ) but I'll stick to my version of notification center since it represents the Yosemite notification center more. - Nov 27 2015
I have a tip for this matter.
1. You just have to make a new CSS file (e.g.: custom.css) and place your custom customization code (just your customization code, not the whole widgets code) inside it.
2. Then rename the downloaded 'gtk-widgets.css' in '~/.themes/White/gtk-3.0' into 'gtk-basic.css'.
3. Edit your 'custom.css' and insert '@import url("gtk-basic.css");' on the first line (without apostrophe). Save, exit the text editor. Rename that 'custom.css' to 'gtk-widgets.css'
4. Last step, place the new 'gtk-widgets.css' - which contains your lines of customization code and that '@import' thing to '~/.themes/White/gtk-3.0'.
5. The theme with your customization is ready to use.
With this, every time the theme is updated (lol) you just have to 1) rename that already renamed 'custom.css' back to its name; 2) extract the theme; 3) delete the old 'gtk-basic.css' and rename the new 'gtk-widgets.css' to 'gtk-basic.css'; 4) rename 'custom.css' to 'gtk-widgets.css'.
And yes, I know that's not a really quick method but I think it's easier than editing the codes one by one again on every update. - Nov 26 2015
:) lol just don't take the update then. Anyway thanks for your appreciation. - Nov 25 2015
You're welcome. It's listed in the changelog above how to disable the translucency. - Nov 15 2015
Try restarting your system. Traditional window-decoration needs restart to apply the new setting. - Nov 10 2015
Maia-Manjaro GTK

GTK3 Themes 7 comments

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Feb 04 2016
I expected this to be more than changing the theme colors. Yet, it still looks good. - Feb 02 2016

GTK3 Themes 5 comments

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Jan 21 2016
It's Mine-Ambiance, a derivative of Mine icon theme combined with Suru and Ubuntu-Mobile icon themes from Ubuntu. - Jan 21 2016
Dark Mode

Gnome Shell Themes 27 comments

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Sep 11 2017
I forgot to mention it: in order to modify header bar's controller, you could run 'dconf-editor'; go to 'org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences'; edit the 'button-layout' column as you prefer. - Jan 04 2016
White terminal window is Debian-based problem. Even ubuntu doesn't apply dark theme for its terminal.
If you always prefer dark theme, here is the solution: go to ~/.themes/White/gtk-3.0 ; then rename gtk.css to gtk-white.css; moreover, rename gtk-dark.css to gtk.css. By doing this, in-shaAllah the White theme would use dark colouring and should be called Black instead of White. - Jan 03 2016
Make sure to add 'font-weight: bold' to '#panel' section and '.panel-button'. - Dec 03 2015
run gnome-tweak-tool as root and set the theme settings from there. - Nov 06 2015

Full Icon Themes 29 comments

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Dec 13 2015
I'm sorry but I still don't have any plan to do so. Maybe you could search something like that in - Dec 15 2015
You're welcome; wa'alaikumus-Salam. - Dec 13 2015
Thank you for your appreciation. All Mine; Mine-Maverics; and Mine-Yosemite are included in the package. MIMETYPE icons are provided inside the Mine package. For your information; Mine icon theme is the base of those three. So in order to display the icon themes properly; Mine icon theme has to be installed. - Dec 13 2015
All Praises be to Allah; I'm just an ordinary person. - Dec 09 2015
i'm sorry i don't get what you meant. - Dec 09 2015
Teamspeak3 icon has been submitted to Dropbox link above. - Dec 09 2015
You're welcome. - Nov 14 2015
Maybe they're not as cool as you expect but docky as well as cairo-dock icons are already available for fast-ring download. See the description above for the download link. - Nov 08 2015

GTK3 Themes 563 comments

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Jan 21 2020
The file archive should be .tar.gz. Just rename it from .zip to .tar.gz. - Nov 30 2015
Xenlism : WildFire

Full Icon Themes 37 comments

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May 13 2018
Icons are detail and good. Yet, it's hard to recognize when it comes to small sized (about 24x24 or less). - Nov 14 2015
Gnome Cupertino

GTK3 Themes 589 comments

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Apr 14 2013
Requesting permission to modify this theme and to post it. - Nov 12 2015
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9   Feb 02 2016

GTK3 Themes
by petrucci4prez

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9   Dec 09 2015
Windows 10 GTK

GTK3 Themes
by sinner59

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9   Nov 08 2015
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9   Nov 06 2015
The Theme

Metacity Themes
by mark92892

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9   Oct 11 2015
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9   Sep 27 2015
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9   Sep 27 2015