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Depends on what part of china(and for that matter, america) your coming from:

It can be yin-yan(prolly the closest to the actually chinese you'll get), Ying-Yang(very americanized, but if you must...) Yin-Yang, etc.

It really shouldn't matter how you spell it/pronounce it though. If you understand the concept of yin and yan: Its not so much depicting that there is a light to a dark. It is actually depicting that one cannot exist without the other.

Can you know beaty if you do not know ugly? Can you really know love, if you've never felt hate? We only know of the good, from knowing of the bad. And this balance should aways be maintained. You need good, and you need bad. Because if you do not have one, you lose sight of the other. And you will eventually fall into chaos once again.

As for the background:

Very nice!! I like it. :D
I will have to download this one.


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